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Mar 8, 2024

Celebrate the Empowerment of Women with Drops

Join millions around the world who will be celebrating the triumphs and achievements of women this International Women's Day. Dating back to the early 20th century, International Women's Day celebrates women's social, economic, cultural, and political achievements throughout the ages and continues to grow in popularity! 

1. Create opportunities with language learning

2. Join our International Women’s Day challenge

3. Learn how to say “Happy Women’s Day” in 6 languages

4. Meet the inspiring women of Drops

Create opportunities with language learning

At Drops, we are passionate about demonstrating how fluency in other languages can open up a world of opportunities for women and men alike. Women with access to language education can thrive in employment and social connections, giving them a sense of agency and autonomy. Language education allows us to articulate our thoughts, advocate for our rights, and nurture our communities.

Join our International Women’s Day challenge

Bringing the value of language learning that empowers women is an honor for us. The Drops team has prepared a challenge dedicated to International Women’s Day, where users can learn essential phrases and vocabulary to talk about empowerment at work.

Learn how to say “Happy Women’s Day” in 6 languages

From all of us at Drops, we wish you a happy International Women’s Day! Pass on  the empowerment and learn how to say “Happy Women’s Day” in 5 languages:

In French: Bonne journée internationale des femmes! 

In German: Alles Liebe zum Weltfrauentag! 

In Italian: Buona festa della donna! 

In Chinese:  妇女节快乐!

In Spanish: Feliz Día Internacional de la Mujer!

In Turkish: Kadınlar günü kutlu olsun!

Meet the inspiring women of Drops

Women’s Day is underway, and at Drops, we've been celebrating all the inspiring women in our lives! Here are some stories of the most inspiring women behind Drops, who have made both the product and the culture of the company what it is today.

Meet Bex, our Operations Specialist who makes sure that all of our teams are set up for success! Bex has taught Spanish, French, and English around the world in places like the UK, Spain, and China. After discovering the world of EdTech and Drops, a language-learning platform that supports LGBTQ+ language topics and protects endangered languages, Bex was immediately sold! Now, she says, “I am doing a job I love, for a company and product I believe in, with people that literally blow my mind every day!”

Meet Joanna, our QA (Quality Assurance) Engineer responsible for making Drops the best it can be! Joanna spent a few years living abroad to experience different cultures. Working in many jobs, from restaurant manager and ice cream maker to having her own real estate company, Joanna never really felt like she had found something she enjoyed until she learned how to code during the pandemic. After a QA internship, she realized she loved the job and soon after found Drops, where she says, “I'm able to learn so much, interact with amazing people, and be a part of a meaningful product.”

Meet Izzy, our Product Owner who delivers all of the amazing Drops experiences you love! Izzy grew up speaking two languages at home with parents who were both teachers. Naturally, she decided she wanted to be a teacher as well until she went to the UK and discovered the world of translation. Izzy worked on web localization with a fashion brand and went on to manage a team at a translation agency! Now, at Drops, Izzy dove head first into all things Agile and is enjoying it so much that she says, “I basically became a product owner without noticing.”

Meet Zita, our learning content manager who guides and creates all of the interesting topics that make learning a new language fun! Zita studied and taught Japanese and received a master's degree in Japanese studies. With an interest in more deeply exploring Japanese culture, Zita lived and worked in Japan before she found her place at Drops. She says, “I found Drops, and everything fell into place”.

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