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Nov 10, 2023

Set Sail on Your Language Learning Adventure with Drops' New Feature!

We're super excited here at Drops to roll out something truly special for all of you – our brand new feature: Language Voyage!

Let's face it, freedom in learning is awesome, but sometimes it can feel like wandering in a forest without a map. That's why we're introducing Language Voyage. It's like your personal language learning GPS, guiding you through the vast and exciting world of new words and phrases!

Why The Language Voyage? You Asked, We Listened!

You told us how much you love diving into any topic with Drops. But sometimes, you're looking for a bit of direction on what to tackle next. Enter The Language Voyage – your personal guide in the language learning journey.

Tailored Just for You

Imagine a learning path that knows what you like, understands where you're at, and suggests exactly what you need next. That's Language Voyage for you! Whether you're interested in sports or climate change, your journey through language learning will be as unique as you are.

You're the Captain

Don't worry, we're not taking over the wheel! You still have the choice to explore on your own. But now, you also get the option of a structured, guided path if that's your jam. Each time you conquer a unit, you'll get to pick from three exciting, new personalized units just for you. 

Up for a Challenge? Try Our Checkpoint Gameplay!

Here's the cherry on top – our brand-new checkpoint gameplay. Think of it as the ultimate test of your language skills. Collect all the terms in a unit, and you'll unlock this thrilling challenge. With only three lives, can you nail 20 questions? It's tough, but hey, so are you!

Embark on Your Voyage Today!

So, what are you waiting for? Jump into Drops and start your very own Language Voyage. Whether you're taking your first steps in a new language or looking to level up, your personalized path awaits.

Click here and let's set sail on this language learning adventure together. Happy learning, voyagers!

Jamie Murphy is a Senior Product Manager at Drops where he works on the Onboarding, Communication and Monetisation domains of the product.

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