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Aug 18, 2020

Terms for Pets: Talk About Your Pet in Another Language

Animal lover? You’re not alone. 

A large percentage of households own a pet around the world. In the US, about 38.4% of households own a dog while 25.4% own a cat and 2.8% own a bird. There’s an average of 1.6 pets per household in the US.

And here at Drops, we love our pets! Here are just a few of our furry team members:

If you love your pet as much as we do, you probably want to talk about your pet in another language. You can learn lots of pet and animal related vocabulary in Drops!

In the meantime, here’s a quick summary of what you’ll learn in this article:

  • Other ways to say “pet” in English
  • How to say “pet” in 30+ languages
  • The words for the most common pets in other languages
  • The vocabulary you need to talk about the things your furry friend needs in another language
  • Where to learn more words for chatting about your cuddly critter

Terms for “Pet” in English

In English, it’s common to refer to the animals at home as a “pet”, but there are many other words you can use to describe your pet. Here are just a few different ways to say “pet” in English:

  • Domestic animal
  • Furbaby 
  • Companion animal
  • Four-legged friend

Other ways you might say “dog” include:

  • Pup or puppy
  • Hound
  • Puppers
  • Pooch
  • Canine
  • Mutt

Other ways you might refer to your cat are:

  • Kitty
  • Kitten
  • Feline
  • Kitty cat
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How to Say Pet in Another Language: Talk About Your Pet in a Different Language

Wondering how to say “pet” or “domestic animal” in another language? Here’s how to do it:

  • Pet in French: l’animal de compagnie
  • Pet in Spanish: la mascota
  • Pet in Italian: l'animale domestico
  • Pet in Russian: домашнее животное
  • Pet in Portuguese: o animal de estimação
  • Pet in Mandarin Chinese: 宠物 (chǒngwù)
  • Pet in Japanese: ペット (petto)
  • Pet in Korean: 애완 동물 (aewan dongmul)
  • Pet in Hungarian: a kisállat
  • Pet in Danish: kæledyret
  • Pet in Swedish: husdjuret
  • Pet in Norwegian: kjæledyret
  • Pet in Esperanto: la dorlotbesto
  • Pet in Vietnamese: thú nuôi
  • Pet in Thai: สัตว์เลี้ยง (S̄ạtw̒ leī̂yng)
  • Pet in Indonesian: hewan peliharaan
  • Pet in Dutch: het huisdier
  • Pet in Greek: το κατοικίδιο (to katoikídio)
  • Pet in Estonian: lemmikloom
  • Pet in Croatian: ljubimac
  • Pet in Tagalog: ang alaga
  • Pet in Icelandic: gæludýrið

The Words for the Most Common Pets in Other Languages

Want to learn the words for the most common types of pets in other languages? Here’s how to talk about your furbaby in other languages.

How to say dog in other languages

How to Talk About Your Dog in Other Languages

  • Dog in French: le chien
  • Dog in Spanish: el perro
  • Dog in German: der Hund
  • Dog in Italian: il cane
  • Dog in Russian: собака
  • Dog in Portuguese: cachorro
  • Dog in Mandarin Chinese: 狗 (gǒu)
  • Dog in Japanese: 犬 (いぬ, inu)
  • Dog in Korean: 개 (gae)
  • Dog in Hungarian: kutya
  • Dog in Danish: hund
  • Dog in Swedish: hund
  • Dog in Norwegian: hund
  • Dog in Esperanto: hundo
  • Dog in Vietnamese: chó
  • Dog in Turkish: köpek
  • Dog in Thai: หมา (hmaa)
  • Dog in Indonesian: anjing
  • Dog in Dutch: de hond
  • Dog in Polish: pies
  • Dog in Greek: σκυλί
  • Dog in Estonian: koer
  • Dog in Croatian: pas
  • Dog in Tagalog: aso
  • Dog in Icelandic: hundur
How to say cat in other languages

How to Talk About Your Cat in Other Languages

  • Cat in French: le chat
  • Cat in Spanish: el gato
  • Cat in German: die Katze
  • Cat in Italian: il gatto
  • Cat in Russian: кот
  • Cat in Portuguese: o gato
  • Cat in Mandarin Chinese: 猫 (māo)
  • Cat in Japanese: 猫 (ねこ, neko)
  • Cat in Korean: 고양이 (goyangi)
  • Cat in Hungarian: macska
  • Cat in Danish: kat
  • Cat in Swedish: katt
  • Cat in Norwegian: katt
  • Cat in Esperanto: kato
  • Cat in Vietnamese: mèo
  • Cat in Thai: แมว (maeo)
  • Cat in Turkish: kedi
  • Cat in Indonesian: kucing
  • Cat in Dutch: de kat
  • Cat in Polish: kot
  • Cat in Greek: γάτα
  • Cat in Estonian: kass
  • Cat in Croatian: mačka
  • Cat in Tagalog: pusa
  • Cat in Icelandic: köttur

How to Talk About Your Bird in Other Languages

  • Bird in French: l'oiseau
  • Bird in Spanish: el pájaro
  • Bird in German: der Vogel
  • Bird in Italian: l'uccello
  • Bird in Russian: птица
  • Bird in Portuguese: o pássaro
  • Bird in Mandarin Chinese: 鸟 (niǎo)
  • Bird in Japanese: 鳥 (とり, tori)
  • Bird in Korean: 새 (sae)
  • Bird in Hungarian: madár
  • Bird in Danish: fugl
  • Bird in Swedish: fågel
  • Bird in Norwegian: fugl
  • Bird in Esperanto: birdo
  • Bird in Vietnamese: chim
  • Bird in Turkish: kuş
  • Bird in Thai: นก (nok)
  • Bird in Polish: ptak
  • Bird in Indonesian: burung
  • Bird in Dutch: de vogel
  • Bird in Greek: πουλί
  • Bird in Estonian: lind
  • Bird in Croatian: ptica
  • Bird in Tagalog: ibon
  • Bird in Icelandic: fugl
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How to Talk About Your Goldfish in Other Languages

  • Goldfish in French: le poisson rouge
  • Goldfish in Spanish: el pez dorado
  • Goldfish in German: der Goldfisch
  • Goldfish in Italian: il pesce rosso
  • Goldfish in Russian: золотая рыбка
  • Goldfish in Portuguese: o peixinho dourado
  • Goldfish in Mandarin Chinese: 金鱼 (jīn yú)
  • Goldfish in Japanese: 金魚 (きんぎょ, kingyo)
  • Goldfish in Korean: 금붕어 (geumbungeo)
  • Goldfish in Hungarian: aranyhal
  • Goldfish in Danish: guldfisk
  • Goldfish in Swedish: guldfisk
  • Goldfish in Norwegian: gullfisk
  • Goldfish in Esperanto: orfiŝo
  • Goldfish in Vietnamese: cá vàng
  • Goldfish in Turkish: Japon balığı
  • Goldfish in Thai: ปลาทอง (pla thong)
  • Goldfish in Polish: złota rybka
  • Goldfish in Indonesian: ikan mas
  • Goldfish in Dutch: de goudvis
  • Goldfish in Greek: χρυσόψαρο
  • Goldfish in Estonian: kuldkala
  • Goldfish in Croatian: zlatna ribica
  • Goldfish in Tagalog: goldfish
  • Goldfish in Icelandic: gullfiskur
How to say hams erin other languages

How to Talk About Your Hamster in Other Languages

  • Hamster in French: le hamster
  • Hamster in Spanish: el hámster
  • Hamster in German: der Hamster
  • Hamster in Italian: il criceto
  • Hamster in Russian: хомяк
  • Hamster in Portuguese: o hamster
  • Hamster in Mandarin Chinese: 仓鼠 (cāng shǔ)
  • Hamster in Japanese: ハムスター (hamusutā)
  • Hamster in Korean: 햄스터 (haemseuteo)
  • Hamster in Hungarian: hörcsög
  • Hamster in Danish: hamster
  • Hamster in Swedish: hamster
  • Hamster in Norwegian: hamster
  • Hamster in Esperanto: hamstro
  • Hamster in Vietnamese: chuột
  • Hamster in Turkish: hamster
  • Hamster in Thai: หนูแฮมสเตอร์ (hnoo haem sa toe)
  • Hamster in Polish: chomik
  • Hamster in Indonesian: hamster
  • Hamster in Dutch: de hamster
  • Hamster in Greek: χάμστερ
  • Hamster in Estonian: hamster
  • Hamster in Croatian: hrčak
  • Hamster in Tagalog: hamster
  • Hamster in Icelandic: hamstur

How to Talk About Your Rabbit in Other Languages

  • Rabbit in French: le lapin
  • Rabbit in Spanish: el conejo
  • Rabbit in German: das Kaninchen
  • Rabbit in Italian: il coniglio
  • Rabbit in Russian: кролик
  • Rabbit in Portuguese: o coelho
  • Rabbit in Mandarin Chinese: 兔子 (tù zi)
  • Rabbit in Japanese: ウサギ (usagi)
  • Rabbit in Korean: 토끼 (tokki)
  • Rabbit in Hungarian: nyúl
  • Rabbit in Danish: kanin
  • Rabbit in Swedish: kanin
  • Rabbit in Norwegian: kanin
  • Rabbit in Esperanto: kuniklo
  • Rabbit in Vietnamese: thỏ
  • Rabbit in Turkish: tavşan
  • Rabbit in Thai: กระต่าย (kra taai)
  • Rabbit in Indonesian: kelinci
  • Rabbit in Dutch: het konijn
  • Rabbit in Polish: królik
  • Rabbit in Greek: κουνέλι
  • Rabbit in Estonian: jänes
  • Rabbit in Croatian: zec
  • Rabbit in Tagalog: kuneho
  • Rabbit in Icelandic: kanína

Words for Pet Accessories and Pet Supplies in Other Languages

Here’s how to talk about the most common pet accessories and pet supplies you need in other languages:

Here’s how to say birdcage in other languages:

  • Birdcage in French: la cage à oiseau
  • Birdcage in Spanish: la jaula
  • Birdcage in German: der Vogelkäfig
  • Birdcage in Italian: la gabbietta per uccelli
  • Birdcage in Russian: клетка для птиц
  • Birdcage in Portuguese: a gaiola
  • Birdcage in Mandarin Chinese: 鸟笼 (niǎo lóng)
  • Birdcage in Japanese: 鳥籠 (とりかご, torikago)
  • Birdcage in Korean: 새장 (saejang)
  • Birdcage in Hungarian: kalitka 
  • Birdcage in Danish: fuglebur
  • Birdcage in Swedish: fågelbur
  • Birdcage in Norwegian: fuglebur
  • Birdcage in Esperanto: birdkaĝo
  • Birdcage in Vietnamese: lồng chim
  • Birdcage in Turkish: kuş kafesi
  • Birdcage in Thai: กรงนก (krong nok)
  • Birdcage in Indonesian: sangkar
  • Birdcage in Dutch: de vogelkooi
  • Birdcage in Polish: klatka
  • Birdcage in Greek: κλουβί
  • Birdcage in Estonian: linnupuur
  • Birdcage in Croatian: krletka za ptice
  • Birdcage in Tagalog: hawla ng ibon
  • Birdcage in Icelandic: fuglabúr

Learn how to say pet carrier in a new language:

  • Pet carrier in French: la cage de transport pour animaux
  • Pet carrier in Spanish: el portador de mascotas
  • Pet carrier in German: die Transportbox
  • Pet carrier in Italian: il trasportino
  • Pet carrier in Russian: сумка для перевозки животных
  • Pet carrier in Portuguese: a caixa de transporte de animais
  • Pet carrier in Mandarin Chinese: 宠物笼 (chǒng wù lóng)
  • Pet carrier in Japanese: ペットようキャリーバッグ (pettoyoukyarībaggu)
  • Pet carrier in Korean: 애완동물 캐리어 (aewandongmul kaerieo)
  • Pet carrier in Hungarian: kisállat hordozó
  • Pet carrier in Danish: transportkasse
  • Pet carrier in Swedish: transportbur
  • Pet carrier in Norwegian: kjæledyr bæreren
  • Pet carrier in Esperanto: dorlotbestoportilo
  • Pet carrier in Vietnamese: lồng vận chuyển mèo
  • Pet carrier in Turkish: evcil hayvan taşıyıcı
  • Pet carrier in Thai: กระเป๋าสัตว์เลี้ยง (krapao sat liang)
  • Pet carrier in Indonesian: tas pembawa hewan
  • Pet carrier in Dutch: de transportbox
  • Pet carrier in Polish: transporter dla zwierząt
  • Pet carrier in Greek: σακίδιο μεταφοράς κατοικίδιων
  • Pet carrier in Estonian: transpordipuur
  • Pet carrier in Croatian: nosač za kućne ljubimce
  • Pet carrier in Tagalog: carrier ng pusa
  • Pet carrier in Icelandic: ferðabúr

How to talk about cat litter in another language:

  • Cat litter in French: la litière du chat
  • Cat litter in Spanish: la arena para gatos
  • Cat litter in German: das Katzenstreu
  • Cat litter in Italian: la lettiera per gatti
  • Cat litter in Russian: кошачий наполнитель
  • Cat litter in Portuguese: a caixa de areia do gato
  • Cat litter in Mandarin Chinese: 猫砂 (māo shā)
  • Cat litter in Japanese: 猫用トイレ (ねこようトイレ, nekoyoutoire)
  • Cat litter in Korean: 고양이 깔개 (goyangi kkalgae)
  • Cat litter in Hungarian: macskaalom
  • Cat litter in Danish: kattegrus
  • Cat litter in Swedish: kattsand
  • Cat litter in Norwegian: kattesand
  • Cat litter in Esperanto: katnecesejo
  • Cat litter in Vietnamese: khay vệ sinh cho mèo
  • Cat litter in Turkish: kedi kumu
  • Cat litter in Thai: ทรายแมว (saai maeo)
  • Cat litter in Indonesian: pasir kucing
  • Cat litter in Dutch: de kattenbak
  • Cat litter in Polish: żwirek dla kota
  • Cat litter in Greek: δίσκος απορριμμάτων γάτας
  • Cat litter in Estonian: kassiliiv
  • Cat litter in Croatian: pijesak za mačke
  • Cat litter in Tagalog: dumihan ng pusa
  • Cat litter in Icelandic: kattaklósett
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The word for “dog collar” in a different language:

  • Dog collar in French: le collier pour chien
  • Dog collar in Spanish: el collar de perro
  • Dog collar in German: das Hundehalsband
  • Dog collar in Italian: il collare per cani
  • Dog collar in Russian: собачий ошейник
  • Dog collar in Portuguese: a coleira de cachorro
  • Dog collar in Mandarin Chinese: 狗项圈 (gǒu xiàng quān)
  • Dog collar in Japanese: 犬の首輪 (いぬのくびわ, inunokubiwa)
  • Dog collar in Korean: 개목걸이 (gaemokgeori)
  • Dog collar in Hungarian: nyakörv
  • Dog collar in Danish: halsbånd
  • Dog collar in Swedish: hundhalsband
  • Dog collar in Norwegian: hundehalsbånd
  • Dog collar in Esperanto: hundokolumo
  • Dog collar in Vietnamese: vòng cổ chó
  • Dog collar in Turkish: köpek tasması
  • Dog collar in Thai: ปลอกคอสุนัข (ploak khoa sunak)
  • Dog collar in Indonesian: kalung anjing 
  • Dog collar in Dutch: de hondenhalsband
  • Dog collar in Polish: obroża
  • Dog collar in Greek: κολάρο σκύλου
  • Dog collar in Estonian: koera kaelarihm
  • Dog collar in Croatian: ogrlica za pse
  • Dog collar in Tagalog: collar ng aso
  • Dog collar in Icelandic: hundaól

Learn to say “dog house” in a new language:

  • Dog house in French: la niche du chien
  • Dog house in Spanish: la caseta del perro
  • Dog house in German: die Hundehütte
  • Dog house in Italian: la cuccia per cani
  • Dog house in Russian: собачья будка
  • Dog house in Portuguese: a casa de cachorro
  • Dog house in Mandarin Chinese: 狗屋 (gǒu wū)
  • Dog house in Japanese: 犬小屋 (いぬごや, inugoya)
  • Dog house in Korean: 개집 (gaejip)
  • Dog house in Hungarian: kutyaház
  • Dog house in Danish: hundehus
  • Dog house in Swedish: hundkoja
  • Dog house in Norwegian: hundehus
  • Dog house in Esperanto: hundodometo
  • Dog house in Vietnamese: chuồng chó
  • Dog house in Turkish: köpek kulübesi
  • Dog house in Thai: บ้านสุนัข (baan sunak)
  • Dog house in Indonesian: kandang anjing
  • Dog house in Dutch: het hondenhok
  • Dog house in Polish: buda
  • Dog house in Greek: σκυλόσπιτο
  • Dog house in Estonian: koerakuut
  • Dog house in Croatian: kućica za pse
  • Dog house in Tagalog: bahay ng aso
  • Dog house in Icelandic: hundakofi

“I walk the dog” in other languages:

  • I walk the dog in French: je promène le chien
  • I walk the dog in Spanish: yo paseo al perro
  • I walk the dog in German: ich gehe mit dem Hund spazieren
  • I walk the dog in Italian: io porto fuori il cane
  • I walk the dog in Russian: я выгуливаю собаку
  • I walk the dog in Portuguese: eu levo o cachorro para passear
  • I walk the dog in Mandarin Chinese: 我遛狗 (wǒ liù gǒu)
  • I walk the dog in Japanese: 犬の散歩をする (いぬのさんぽをする, inunosanpoosuru)
  • I walk the dog in Korean: 저는 개를 산책시켜요 (jeoneun gaereul sanchaeksikyeoyo)
  • I walk the dog in Hungarian: kutyát sétáltatok
  • I walk the dog in Danish: jeg går tur med hunden
  • I walk the dog in Swedish: jag går ut med hunden
  • I walk the dog in Norwegian: Jeg tar tur med hunden
  • I walk the dog in Esperanto: Mi promenigas la hundon
  • I walk the dog in Vietnamese: Tôi dắt chó đi bộ
  • I walk the dog in Turkish: köpeği gezdiririm
  • I walk the dog in Thai: ฉันพาสุนัขไปเดินเล่น (chan phaa su nak pai doen len)
  • I walk the dog in Indonesian: Aku membawa anjing jalan-jalan
  • I walk the dog in Dutch: ik laat de hond uit
  • I walk the dog in Polish: wyprowadzam psa
  • I walk the dog in Greek: βγάζω έξω το σκυλί
  • I walk the dog in Estonian: ma jalutan koera
  • I walk the dog in Croatian: šetam psa
  • I walk the dog in Tagalog: inilalakad ko ang aso
  • I walk the dog in Icelandic: ég fer út með hundinn

The word for “leash” in more languages:

  • Leash in French: la laisse
  • Leash in Spanish: la correa
  • Leash in German: die Leine
  • Leash in Italian: il guinzaglio
  • Leash in Russian: поводок
  • Leash in Portuguese: a coleira
  • Leash in Mandarin Chinese: 牵引绳 (qiān yǐn shéng)
  • Leash in Japanese: リード (rīdo)
  • Leash in Korean: 끈 (kkeun)
  • Leash in Hungarian: póráz
  • Leash in Danish: hundesnor
  • Leash in Swedish: koppel
  • Leash in Norwegian: bånd
  • Leash in Esperanto: kondukŝnuro
  • Leash in Vietnamese: dây xích
  • Leash in Turkish: tasma kayışı
  • Leash in Thai: สายจูง (saai choong)
  • Leash in Indonesian: tali kekang
  • Leash in Dutch: de riem
  • Leash in Polish: smycz
  • Leash in Greek: λουρί
  • Leash in Estonian: rihm
  • Leash in Croatian: povodac
  • Leash in Tagalog: tali
  • Leash in Icelandic: taumur

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