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Looking for an online educational perk that not only provides value, but better collaboration between your team and customers?
Language skills are essential in today’s global business environment. Online language training offers an engaging growth opportunity to fit into your team’s work schedule. Give your team access to affordable, self-paced language learning for business with the opportunity to choose both when and where they learn.

Request pricing to see how Drops can offer your business:

Lower the cost of business language classes
Personalized language learning for your team
Flexible, affordable, self-paced learning
Key terms and phrases useful for work situations plus thousands more words

Are you searching for the best language learning apps for business?

Business language courses can help you grow your business and improve communication skills. With Drops, your team gains access to hundreds of professionally curated word lists with high-quality audio recorded by native speakers and engaging gameplay to keep them engaged.
Our business language learning package will help your company:
Develop stronger customer and team relationships by connecting through languages with those both within and outside your organization.
Become more inclusive and create an improved work environment across borders.
Get cost-efficient, effective, and proven corporate language training online with Drops.
Improve employee retention and drive real results by investing in your team’s success.
Avoid misunderstandings and miscommunication between members of your team and clients.
Content with vocabulary specific to business and the workplace.

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Celebrate Language and Culture Diversity at Your Company

Drops offers 45 languages, ranging from the most spoken (or business relevant!) in the workplace to niche and endangered languages, allowing your team to connect and improve communication.

All Access

Premium access to Drops, Droplets and Scripts. Covering everything from alphabets to complex vocabulary for hundreds of situations and practical application.

Extensive, Authentic Language Learning Content

Drops features over 180,000 words across 45 languages, translated and voiced by experts and native speakers.

Unobtrusive Language Learning

Just 5, 10 or 15 fixed minutes a day can fit into even the busiest schedules. Or go with unlimited if you or your team want more! And with online learning, your team can do their learning remote from everywhere in the world.

Team Growth

Invest in your team’s personal growth, speaking the language of your customers to create memorable experiences and powerful relationships, while making connections through culture and language across your teams.

Dedicated Enterprise Customer Support

Our corporate language training comes with dedicated customer support with quick response.

Airplane Mode

Enable your team to complete their workplace language training from anywhere in the world – even areas with low connectivity.

Quick Implementation

Kick-off your team’s learning with a quick and simple implementation.