Drops' Contributed Content Guidelines

If you are interested in writing a piece to be published on our blog please refer to the guidelines below:


a. New language learners with 0-3 years of experience (either self-guided or assisted)
b. Intermediate and advanced learners looking to deep dive into more complex language learning topics and expand their vocabulary
c. Low-commitment learners of any level who want a fun, easy way to learn (or improve in) a new language but are not ready to make it a top priority
d. Formerly fluent/advanced speakers or learners who previously stopped and are now giving it another go who need need a vocabulary refresh
e. Auxiliary helpers teachers, tutors, study groups, parents—those in the essential community that all language learners need to achieve fluency
f. Students who are looking to do more with their language learning beyond the classroom
g. Current Drops users who want to hear success stories and product updatesTOPICSa. Insider tips (i.e. "Top 10 Tips for Improving Your Listening Comprehension")
b. Common Challenges (speaking, shyness/confidence, finding time to learn a language, plateaus, etc.)
c. Case studies
e. General language learning inspiration
f. Word lists (i.e. "These 12 German Words Will Make You Sound Like a Local", "43 Words in Japanese for Those Who Love Tech")


Whenever we write something for Drops in any context, we are guided by these personality traits:
a. Plain-speaking (not elite)—don’t use unnecessarily big words or overly complex metaphors. We write in casual everyday language.
b. Youthful (not academic)—we’re smart, clever, and like to have fun, but we don’t talk over people's heads
c. Genuine (not boastful)—never bash other companies specifically (instead, call out why Drops is better)
d. Fun (not formal)—avoid jargon, speak in a human way and feel free to add a touch of humor when appropriate
e. Empowering (not authoritative)—never tell people what to do; instead, show them the possibilities of what they could do/achieve
f. Open-minded (not condescending)--we like to explore, and we’re not afraid to try new ways of doing things.Avoid the use of “that” unless absolutely necessary--it’s often a filler word and should be used sparingly.

Technical Requirements

Post Length
- 750 - 1,200 words on average; slightly longer is okay for thorough
posts on complex topics related to language, slightly shorter for simple posts
- 2–3 images per post (unless a listicle)
- create soundbite headings to break up sections if needed
- highlight tweetable sentences

Editing Process

a. Finished drafts should be sent to Shannon Kennedy (shannon@languagedrops.com) for initial review.
b. All drafts should be submitted at least four days before the publish deadline to
allow time for editing and changes to copy and images.

Promotion Opportunities

1. Retweet from @language_drops
2. Custom tweet(s) from @language_drops
3. Guest post on the Drops blog: shared on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
4. Feature in Drops Instagram story

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