Drops + Kahoot!

Drops joins Kahoot!

Drops is now a part of the Kahoot! family and together, we're making language learning awesome.

Learn a new language with Drops

We're Drops, a fun, visual language learning app helping you learn 50+languages in just 5 minutes a day. Let's play our way to a new language together!
To celebrate our new partnership, we have a special offer just for you!
Want to learn more about Drops Premium?
Drops helps you build a foundation in your new language in just 5 minutes a day. And we do this by providing you with a learning experience that will allow you to:
Build a strong foundation in a new language.
Drops will help you learn more than 2,500 words across over 150 fun and informative topics including those voiced by Amber! We picked words and themes that are useful for everyday life while using beautiful images to promote even better retention.
Learn 80% of what you’ll hear in a language.
To be fluent in a language, you need to know about 10,000 words, but not all words are created equal. With just 3,000 words, you can navigate your way through most daily conversations and understand the majority of what you hear.
Establish a language learning habit.
Nothing feels better than breaking your own personal record! Use our streaks and stats features to keep up your learning and establish a language learning habit.
Finally find the time to learn a language.
Bring Drops along on your commute. Get your language learning in while waiting for your coffee each morning. Take advantage of commercial breaks and by squeezing in a quick Drops session. Further your vocabulary by using Drops along with your other favorite language learning tools.
Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, Drops makes sure your new language is always within reach.
Sound fun? Easy? Effective? It is. Get Drops for free!