Learning Persian with Drops & Preply

Resident Polyglot Learns Persian


See the step-by-step process of our Resident Polyglot, Shannon Kennedy as she learns Persian.


Learning Farsi Project Updates

New Language Project: Learn Farsi with Drops and Preply - Our official announcement of Shannon's Persian language project.

Shannon's Day 0 Video - Shannon's first video speaking Persian.

New Language Project: Learn Persian - Shannon's update on her personal language learning site and first announcement of her Farsi language project.

Shannon's Day 30 Video - As a part of the Fi3M Challenge, Shannon is recording four videos to document her progress of the 90 days. This is her second Persian progress video recorded for the challenge.

3-Week Persian Language Update - How Shannon spent her first three weeks learning Persian.

Shannon's Day 60 Video - This is how much Persian Shannon knows after 60 days learning the language.

Shannon's Two Month Update - Shannon shares how her Persian studies have changed two months into her her language challenge.

Recommended Persian Resources

These are the resources Shannon uses to study Persian, both during her presentation preparation and to continue learning the language following the project.

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