Drops Partner Guidelines

Do you love playing with Drops? We’d love to hear your story. If you’re a language blogger or social media influencer, here are a few guidelines we’ve put together if you’re interested in partnering with us.

1. First impressions count. Let us know how you discovered Drops and why you think we’d make a great team.

2. Propose what kind of collaboration you think would be a great fit. The more details the better!

For example, “I plan to feature Drops in an upcoming video about how I learned Korean next month. It will be the only language learning app I mention and I’ll also include a my tips for getting the best experience using it. I plan on posting it on March 2nd.”

Or, “I am traveling to Peru in two months and will use Drops to learn some Spanish before I go. I plan on writing a post about how it helped me prepare and have a better travel experience.”

3. If you plan on using Drops to prepare for an upcoming trip, let us know!

4. Get creative! While we love reviews, we’re always looking for interesting stories to share.

5. Provide statistics for your social media platforms and/or website. As well as examples of previous work you’ve done with other brands.

If you have everything ready and you have a great pitch for us, click here to submit your proposal. We look forward to hearing from you.

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