Drops Adds Third Polynesian Language, Samoan

Samoan on Drops brings one of the oldest Polynesian languages to mobile learners

LOS ANGELES, MAY 28—​ Award-winning language app D​rops​ will bring the Samoan language to new international linguistic audiences today. Timed to ​Asian Pacific American Heritage Month in May, which celebrates all Asians and Pacific Islanders in the United States, Samoan will be the third Pacific language Drops has added to the platform, following the release of t​e reo Maori and H​awaiian​.

Samoan has over 500,000 speakers worldwide. As a result of Samoan immigration, the language has become very global – only around half of the Samoan speaking population actually live in Samoa.2 By using the Drops app, Samoan-speaking communities across New Zealand, the US, and other Pacific Islands will have a new tool to better understand the language.

“Samoan is our third indigenous language that we’ve added in less than a year, following Hawaiian and te reo Maori. With more than 5M users in the Asia-Pacific region, Samoan was a natural next step,” s​ aid Daniel Farkas, co-founder and CEO, Drops.​ “It’s hugely important for us to do our part to help educate and support the next generation of Samoan speakers and the communities they are creating globally.”

With categories like food, health and travel, Drops will teach o​ver 1,800 Sam​ oan words with just the swipe of a finger. Through quick, 5-minute word games,

Drops makes learning a new language engaging and effective.

To bring Samoan to mobile learners, Drops worked with local translators and authentic voice talent to ensure cultural relevancy. Samoan translation was done by ​Mary Mine S. Pase and the voice-overs were done by ​Award-winning Samoan singer Annie Grace.​

“T​he Samoan Gagana (language) has a rich cultural history and is a vital part of our diverse Pacific culture with speakers from all over the world. Platforms like Drops will give our ever-growing Samoan Community the opportunity to learn our native tongue and bring our beautiful language to the world. It’s about cultivating our gagana and passing it to the next generation," ​said award-winning singer and Drops voice talent, Annie Grace.

Samoan will be available for both ​iOS ​and A​ndroid​ users.

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