Drops Pride

Introducing Drops Full of Pride

Words matter. That’s why we’ve taken the time to build new topics about pride and queer culture, gender and pronouns, sexuality, and transitioning. We’ve also put together a pride glossary, clearly defining key terms and linking to relevant organizations.

Each word or phrase was chosen with the goal of celebrating queer culture and building knowledge and awareness. We’ll continue to work with queer voices to grow these topics in 2022 and beyond, empowering users from around the world to say gay, bi, trans, and more in 37 languages.

Language Learning but Make It Camp!

Our new LGBTQ+ vocabulary lessons are available in 37 languages in the Drops app.
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A Passion Project Put into Action

As important as words are to us at Drops, we know the actions behind the words are just as important. So, apart from the steady development of queer-specific language courses, what are our actions?

Our in-app courses are in good company with a Pride Glossary, customized LGBTQ+ illustrations, and internal team initiatives. Learn more about all these actions and more below.

Keywords in our Glowing Glossary

Get clear definitions on everything from “civil rights” to “sashay” to learn the words you need to celebrate and support queer culture.
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The Drops Team Shows Some Pride

We’re learning and celebrating along with you! See what our team is doing to celebrate Pride.
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Visual Representation: Drops Style

Learn about our non-binary character, Sam, and the other steps our graphic designers have been taking to represent all kinds of queer joy in Drops.
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Kahoot! Shows Some Pride

Our parent company Kahoot!—a leading global learning platform company—has created kahoots and other resources for all learners and teachers to celebrate pride.
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Celebrate Pride in 38 Languages!