Ever wonder if you could learn a new language in just one year?

The Drops 2K Challenge with 4x USA Memory Champion, Nelson Dellis


See the step-by-step process of Nelson's journey as he learns the Dutch language to connect with family and his heritage.


Nelson's Project Close: Using Dutch Abroad

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Learning Dutch with Drops

The Drops 2K Challenge with 4x USA Memory Champion, Nelson Dellis— Nelson Dellis, 4x USA Memory Champion, tackles a new memorization challenge: learn all of the Dutch words in Drops in 90 days (there are more than 2000!). Here’s the introduction to his project.

Using Mnemonics and Other Techniques to Memorize New Words –Nelson Dellis shares some of his favorite Dutch words and the techniques he uses to memorize them.

Tips from Nelson on Review Vocabulary - In this video, Nelson Dellis shares his tips for reviewing vocabulary once you've learned it.

Nelson Tests His Dutch - Nelson Dellis tests how well he's learned the words in Drops with his mother, a native Dutch speaker.

Learning Dutch with Drops - Nelson Dellis works with his mom to prepare his Dutch for their upcoming trip.

Nelson Dellis' Journey Learning Dutch - Nelson's final Dutch project video.

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Why we love this project:

First off—it was incredibly fun to work with Nelson… and his mom! But more importantly, Nelson’s journey proves that you can make significant headway in learning a new language over the course of a single year. Even if you don't have the time or money to move abroad or invest in a full immersion program.

Start by using Drops just 5 minutes a day, building your confidence and commitment to the language learning process. Soon you’ll have built a consistent habit that is the foundation you need to motivate and help you achieve your language learning goals without burning out in the process.

Recommended Dutch Resources

These are the resources we recommend to study Dutch.

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