Terms for Drops Referral Program

Last modified 18.11.2022

These Drops Referral Program Terms ("Terms") are entered into by PlanB Labs OÜ ("Drops; Company") and the referring party executing these Terms ("User") and these Terms govern User participation in the Drops Referral Program (“Program”). To participate, the User must agree to these Terms.

You represent and warrant that: (i) you have the full legal authority to enter into these Terms; (ii) you have read and understood the Terms, (iii) you agree to the terms of these Terms, and (iv) you will respect the privacy of others and comply with applicable laws.

These Terms apply together with Drops’ standard Terms & Conditions. In case of any discrepancy or inconsistency between the Drops Terms & Conditions and these Terms, these Terms shall prevail. Whenever you use Drops services, you also acknowledge that you understand and agree to our Privacy Policy.

Program Overview


To participate in the Program, The User must be at least 18 years old and have a registered Drops account.

The User will be able to send a unique referral link ("Personal Link") through a message via the app, or by copying the link and sharing it with an another person.

Individuals who receive a referral via a User are "Referred Person(s)“. A User who is fully compliant with these Terms and Conditions may receive "Reward(s)" for every "Qualified Referral”.

Making a referral

The User will be able to see his/her Personal Link in the app as an in-app message or on the User’s profile screen.

The User will be able to send their Personal Link to a Referred Person through a message via the app, or by copying the link from the app and sharing it.

Once Referred Person receives the Personal Link, he/she should complete registration of the Drops account via http://www.languagedrops.com and start a free trial for a Premium subscription.

There is no maximum limit for making referrals to Referred Persons.

Users must respect the nature of the Program by only referring individuals who meet the requirements of these Terms and by not engaging in spamming or other unfair or otherwise problematic practices, including creating fake accounts or harassing potential referral sources. Users cannot refer themselves. For example, a User may not create multiple or fake accounts with Drops or participate in the Program using multiple or fake email addresses or identities.

Qualified Referrals

A Qualified Referral means that all the following conditions are met:

  • The Referred Person completed the registration of the service and using the User’s Personal Link. If a Referred Person registers with Drops using any other method, the registration will not count as a Qualified Referral and the User will not receive the Reward.
  • The Referred Person has completed the registration of the service and has started their free trial during the sign-up process with Drops via the User’s Personal Link.
  • The Referred Person is at least 18 years old and has not previously registered as a user or made a purchase with Drops under any email address or alias and has not completed registration via the User’s Personal Link before.

Rewards and earning Rewards

The Reward for the Qualified Referral is a 2 (two) week free trial of the Drops Premium subscription for the Referred Person and 2 (two) weeks of free usage of the Drops Premium subscription for the User who has a free version of the app. Rewards can only be awarded for Qualified Referrals.

User’s who already have a Premium subscription do not earn 2 (two) weeks of free usage of the Drops Premium subscription.

On successful registration with Drops by the Referred Person, Referred Person’s 2 (two) week free trial of Drops Premium subscription will begin when they start a free trial subscription. The User’s, who has free version of the app, 2 (two) week free usage of the Drops Premium subscription starts automatically once the Referred Person has started a free trial.

The Referred Person will be automatically charged the price as shown on the subscription 2 (two) weeks after the free trial begins unless the Referred Person cancels the subscription during this period. The User will be automatically downgraded to a free version of the app as soon as the Reward period ends.

The User shall receive a Reward for each Qualified Referral generated by the User. The User shall only receive their reward if the Referred Person successfully starts their free trial during the sign-up process with Drops via the User’s Personal Link. If the Referred Person starts their free trial later than during registration, then the User shall not receive their Reward.

The User acknowledges that Rewards may not be traded and have no monetary value, and may not be redeemed for cash, or traded. Rewards are not transferable and may not be auctioned, traded, or sold. Earned Rewards cannot be used to buy additional Drops of premium subscriptions.


Drops may terminate your participation in the Program at any time, for any reason or no reason. The rights and obligations of the parties under these Terms will survive the expiration or termination of this Agreement.

Drops can cancel this Program or change these Terms at any time without notice. Any cancellation or changes to the Terms do not affect your rights if you have already participated in the Program.

Drops reserves the right to reverse the Reward if the Reward was earned fraudulently, if you breach the terms that apply to get the Reward, or if we become aware that you did not comply with these Terms. We will consider the reversal of any Reward to have been done with your consent.

Drops may prohibit a User from participating in the Program or receiving a Reward, at their sole discretion if it determines a User is attempting to undermine the fairness, integrity, or legitimate operation of the Program in any way by cheating, hacking, deception, or any other unfair playing practices intending to annoy, abuse, threaten or harass any other users or representatives of the Company.

Upon termination of the Program, or any portion thereof, for any reason, any unredeemed Rewards accumulated by the User are forfeited. If a User's account is canceled for any reason, unredeemed Rewards are forfeited immediately.


You will defend, indemnify and hold Drops harmless from and against all claims, damages, liabilities, losses, expenses, and costs (including reasonable fees and expenses of attorneys and other professionals) arising out of or resulting from your negligence or intentional misconduct concerning your participation in the Program.

Limitation of Liability

Users should use the program at their own risk. Events beyond the control of Drops may also occur that render the awarding of the Reward as part of this Program impossible. Drops will not be liable for any loss, whether directly or indirectly suffered, as a result of an event outside of its control.

If you have any questions or complaints about this Program, please contact Support via support@languagedrops.com.