Language Resources

Japanese Language Apps

Drops – Play with your words, learning new Japanese vocabulary in just 5 minutes a day.

Scripts – Learn to read and write Japanese Kana--Hiragana and Katakana with Scripts.

Duolingo – Learn the basics of Japanese grammar and vocabulary for free with Duolingo.

Clozemaster – Study new words through context with Clozemaster.

Japanese Listening Resources

Glossika – An audio resource that uses spaced repetition to help you learn simple phrases in Japanese. The first 1,000 repetitions are free.

TuneIn – TuneIn is free online radio that streams both talk and music stations in Japanese.

Pimsleur – Pimsleur is a popular audio course with thirty lessons available for Japanese learners. It uses call-and-response to help you start speaking Japanese.

Japanese Course Books

Assimil – Learn Japanese and build a solid foundation in the language with useful dialogues and listening exercises.

Teach Yourself – Complete Japanese from Teach Yourself has 24 thematic lessons that help you build confidence in reading, speaking and writing in Japanese.

Colloquial – Colloquial Japanese is a more grammar-based approach to Japanese, but it’s still done so in an accessible way.

Japanese Reading

LingQ – This site has a series of short, easy readings with audio for Japanese learners available. But if you upgrade to a premium account, you can import your own texts and get help reading even novels in Japanese!

General Language Learning

Fluent in 3 Months Challenge – This is a 90-day course that helps you build confidence and accountability in Japanese. It also prepares you for a 15-minute conversation in Japanese at the end of the challenge.

italki – Take lessons with skilled, affordable language tutors on italki. You can also connect with language exchange partners for free.

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