Learn a new language with Drops

Learn a new language with Drops

Want to learn a new language? It only takes 5 minutes per day with the Drops language learning app! Join more than 30 million people who are already learning.

How Drops makes language learning awesome

Captivating game-based learning for all ages
Designed as a captivating game, Drops is easy to use for learners of all ages and backgrounds. All you need to get started is a mobile device! Through a series of games and interactive practice, you’re introduced to thousands of new words in a variety of categories, such as Travel Talk, Fun and Recreation, Nature and Animals, and more.
Get going in just 5 minutes a day
With Drops, you’re not committed to long, intensive learning sessions but can instead enjoy quick, fun, and focused practice. Just 5 minutes a day is enough! Get a Premium subscription to practice even more. 
Choose from 45+ languages
Languages supported by Drops range from popular picks such as Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese, to Polynesian languages and rare languages such as Ainu. See a full list of languages dedicated website.
Turn language learning into a daily habit
Drops will help you turn language learning into a sustainable daily habit. Since it only requires 5 minutes a day to practice, it’s easy to keep up and make progress. And even if you miss a day, don’t worry – you won’t lose your score streak.
Personalized learning journey
After you’ve learned 50 words, you can then visit the Review Dojo, a special section in Drops designed to reinforce knowledge. There, you can test what you’ve learned with our spaced-repetition algorithm. Based on your performance, it will flag which specific words need some more practice.

See what our users have to say

Drops is actually one of the reason I decided to take learning one or two new languages into commiting myself to become a polyglot and learn as many new languages as I can; Drops made this seem easy and possible!
I started learning Korean when I was 15 and it never really got far until I found out about Drops. I will take time out of my day to use it for a while and I can't stop recommending it to friends and family

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