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Mar 20, 2023

10 Reasons Why People Learn Endangered Languages with Drops

At Drops, we are passionate about promoting and preserving all languages, no matter how widely spoken or endangered they may be. We have been fortunate enough to connect with learners who share our passion for keeping endangered languages alive.

We've reached out to our learners who have taken it upon themselves to learn  Ainu, Hawaiian, Samoan or te reo Māori languages with Drops, whether it be to connect with their culture, communicate with their loved ones, or simply to be part of the movement to revitalize these languages.

We hope that their inspiring stories will encourage you to become language heroes and join us in preserving the world's endangered languages.

Connect with Your Roots

"I was born and raised in Hawai'i. But live in Texas now. I miss my home desperately. This keeps me connected to my roots. Truly understanding culture requires learning the language. I strive to improve my understanding of the language... this is one of 3 tools I am using to guide me on my journey. E ola ka 'olelo Hawai'i."

Mālia, Hawaiian Learner

"I began using Drops to learn Samoan to better communicate with my Grandmother who didn’t speak much English. After she passed, I found a new, even stronger desire to learn the language of my ancestors and reconnect with my grandparents and all those before them. Its been exciting to learn new vocab and being able to share them with my Mom who never got the opportunity to teach her kids her native tongue."

Teuila, Samoan Learner

"I am learning Te Reo Māori to honor my ancestors who were unable to speak it during colonisation. Learning it helps me feel connected, and prepares me to teach my future children. Drops has been impactful because of its clear and accurate pronunciation, and exciting activities that keep you engaged."

Kayenta, te reo Māori Learner

Keep an Endangered Language Alive

"I'm learning Ainu because I feel like breathing new life into an endangered language is beautiful. Not only is it a way to connect with people,and culture,but a way to experience history through one's own perspective."

Andre, Ainu Learner

"I am an indigenous person of Turtle Island invested in language preservation and revival! I’ve always found Māori culture and language so beautiful, and it’s been an absolute honor to be able to learn. I have the utmost respect for the beautiful people of Aotearoa and for all those who work tirelessly to preserve their languages. Indigenous solidarity!"

Elías, te reo Māori Learner

"I want to learn more about endagered languages to help support their revival and continue usage. Language is a key component of culture and without language, original traditions can be lost in translation. By studying different languages, the art of learning languages becomes more comprehendable over time. It also helps understand these people and their cultures on a deeper level."

Blaze, Hawaiian and Irish Learner

"Language learning is my greatest passion, and it hurts knowing that some languages are in danger of becoming extinct. Drops has allowed me to learn new words and phrases in so many different languages including Hawaiian, Irish, and even Ainu. It gives me hope that we may be able to preserve endangered languages, since language is such an important role in culture preservation. I look forward to continuing learning endangered languages through Drops and I also look forward to future languages added to the app!"

Lauren, Ainu, Hawaiian and Irish Learner

Build Bridges and Discover New Cultures

"While working on a cruise ship this year, I met and fell in love with my boyfriend, Junior, who is from Samoa. While he speaks perfect English (my first language), he uses Samoan with most of his friends and family. As we build our relationship together, I really want to learn his language as it’s an important part of his culture. He was teaching me a few words at a time, but when I saw that Drops offered it (most language apps don’t!), I knew it was the perfect way to accelerate my learning. Now, I do several sessions a day and I love showing off what I’ve learned to my boyfriend and his friends on-board the ship. I’m really happy with how fun the course is and how fast I’m learning. Thank you Drops!!"

Laura, Samoan Learner

"I would like to continue visiting and maybe even one day live in Hawai'i. I want to learn their language and culture and a respect for their ways. I don't want to just be the outside who comes imposing my ways. Breaking down each word of a multi word translation have give a glimpse into how other cultures perceive the world."

Michael, Hawaiian Learner

"I've visited Aotearoa many times, but it took a while before I saw more than the maunga, awa and moana.I stopped in a town called Moana. It was off season, mid week in a tourist town. We got to chatting with a local. She tried to teach me the right way to say the name of the town. My Pākehā tin ear couldn't get it. I couldn't say such a simple word. I've always tried to learn a few words of the local language wherever I go simply out of respect. I hadn't bothered in Aotearoa because I thought I knew it!I didn't. I realised I was that awful tourist who makes no effort, expecting everyone else to learn their language.The lockdown seemed like a perfect opportunity to remedy that. What I didn't expect was that I would be welcomed as whānau. The language has let me glimpse te Ao Māori. I don't fully understand, and I understand that I won't. Next time I visit, I intend to repay the manaakitanga that has been shown to me with the respect a visitor should show."

Jason, te reo Māori Learner

We hope that these stories inspire you to join us in revitalizing the world's endangered languages. With learning only a couple basic words, you’re helping to give at-risk languages the recognition they deserve.

Drops is available on the App Store and Google Play Store and offers courses in over 48 languages with +40M installs. The app uses a gamified approach to language learning and is designed to help users reach their language learning goals in a short amount of time. Give it a try and be part of the movement to revitalize endangered languages with Drops.

Zita Palik is a Hungary based Language Content Coordinator and a 80's music maniac.

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