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Drops is the fast, fun and efficient way to learning a new language. With our diverse range of more than 50 languages, Drops has carved a unique niche in the ed-tech industry, captivating 40+ million learners across the globe.

Our commitment to delivering high-quality, culturally inclusive, and fun-filled learning experiences sets us apart.

Join us on our mission to make language learning an accessible, enjoyable journey for everyone.

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About Drops

Drops combines high-quality, culturally inclusive content with an engaging, fun-filled, gamified approach to learning. It’s the most fun and efficient way to start a new language. Drops is a Google App of the Year and an Apple Editor’s Choice Award app!
40+ Million Community
Content by experts
50 language courses
350+ curated lessons

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4.8 out of 5
300,000+ reviews

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Add unique content into the Drops experience, or better yet a totally custom experience for your community and brand!
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Want to create a special offer for your community? We can help you stand out with exclusive offers to the Drops Premium experience.
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Captivate your community with compelling content. We specialize in crafting engaging content fuelled by a passion for culture, values and language learning. Let's collaborate to inspire your community on a unique and immersive journey!

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