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Mar 14, 2023

Meet the Learners Studying Irish Gaelic with Drops

This March, Drops has launched a new Irish Gaelic course designed to help learners master the language in a fun, engaging, and interactive way. With vocabulary-based lessons, learners can quickly gain confidence in understanding and speaking Irish.

Why should you learn Irish Gaelic?

Millions of people learn a language with Drops for a variety of reasons, from preparing for an upcoming trip to impressing their colleagues at work. For endangered languages like Irish, our learners are joining us in preserving and revitalizing the language.

Beyond our fun vocabulary building games, Language Drops' Irish course seeks to help revitalize the language. Irish is a compulsory subject in schools in Ireland, and the Irish government aims to have 20% of public employees proficient in Irish by 2030. With lessons focused on workplace and school vocabulary, Language Drops' Irish course provides an opportunity for students and employees to improve their Irish language skills and contribute to the revitalization of this important part of Irish culture.

5 Inspiring Reasons to Learn Irish Gaelic with Drops

We spoke to our Irish learners to find out more about why they started learning Irish Gaelic with Drops! Hear from the learners who are mastering this beautiful language:

1. Learn Irish to connect with your Irish heritage

"I have Irish heritage and the idea of learning a language my great-great-grandparents spoke fascinates me. My dream is to become a polyglot, to feel more connected with the world and different cultures and even history. I've used Drops for Korean for years and was thrilled when Irish Gaelic was added since it's hard to find resources for it."

Laura, Irish Learner

"I want to make a genuine and intimate connection with my Irish heritage. By expressing myself in Irish, I'm able to promote the Irish culture and heritage by speaking a language Irish people have used for the past two thousand years. In terms of finding the course impactful, Drops makes its users learn useful vocabulary, containing vocabulary lists of common and important words and phrases, the spaced repetition technology helps me remember words effectively in Irish."

Anonymous, Irish Learner

2. Dive deeper into the Irish language and culture

"I started learning Irish a few years ago before the birth of my daughter. My wife wanted to give her an Irish name because of her ancestry. I am not Irish but went down a rabbit hole learning about the pronunciation of traditional Irish names. That led to starting to read up on the language and then learning the language and that became a unique way to explore the culture. Learning a minority language reminds you that communication is just one function of a language. As with poetry and literature, how you say something means as much as what you’re saying."

Jason, Irish Learner

3. Connect with locals in Ireland

"I'm learning Irish to travel to Ireland and enjoy being able to demonstrate interest in the Irish language and culture."

Bonnie, Irish Learner

4. Brush up your Irish vocabulary

"I'm Irish, but growing up in Dublin in Ireland makes it very hard to use your native language. I wasn't good at Irish in school so once I left school I never had a need to use Irish. I always wanted to be a Gaeilgeoir (Irish speaker) but my lack of confidence and knowledge of the language made me shy away from even trying. I've used Drops for years to improve my Spanish so I'm delighted that I can add Irish to my daily practice ."

Anonymous, Irish Learner

5. Help preserve the Irish language

"Language learning is my greatest passion, and it hurts knowing that some languages are in danger of becoming extinct. Drops has allowed me to learn new words and phrases in so many different languages including Irish, Hawaiian, and even Ainu. It gives me hope that we may be able to preserve endangered languages, since language is such an important role in culture preservation. I look forward to continuing learning endangered languages through Drops and I also look forward to future languages added to the app!"

Lauren, Irish Learner

Learn Irish Gaelic with Drops

At Language Drops, we're committed to helping learners explore new languages and cultures in a fun and engaging way. We're especially proud to offer our users the opportunity to learn Irish, a language that's not only rich in history and culture, but also an important part of many people's heritage.

By learning Irish Gaelic, you'll not only gain a deeper understanding of your own cultural roots, but also connect with others around the world who share a passion for this beautiful language. At the same time, you'll contribute to the ongoing efforts to preserve and revitalize Irish Gaelic, both in Ireland and beyond.

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