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Dec 19, 2022

5 Tips To Achieve Your Language Learning New Years Resolution in 2023

Thinking about kicking off the New Year with a new language? We’ve outlined our favourite language-learning cheat codes to help you smash those goals!

Time is on your side

Learning a new language can be a tough game but as with any new relationship you need to give it time. Slow and steady really do win the race, even in language learning! That’s why we encourage our users to learn for 5 minutes, at the same time every day.

By learning in shorter bursts you are allowing your brain to retain more information without causing an overload. Practising daily has the same effect, you are conditioning your muscle memory to the same specific task, at the same time every day, resulting in further retention!

Find your learning style

Everyone is different and that's what makes the world work. Because of this, not all learning material is suitable for all learners. By finding what works for you you’re more likely to see results faster, pushing you to continue your journey to fluency!

Gamified learning material is a super popular method that allows you to have fun and progress without realising it! Try Drops for a gamified learning structure that is both engaging and educational.

Set achievable goals

Setting goals you can reach keeps the fire inside of you burning, it motivates you to keep going and reminds you why you’re doing it! We’ve listed some of our favourite achievable goals below 👇

  • Achieve a streak of 7 days of learning with Drops
  • Learn 20 new words in your topic of choice
  • Achieve over 80% accuracy
  • Recognise simple vocabulary in a real-life setting

You can achieve all of these goals by using the Drops language learning app daily. We’ll even send you daily reminders to make sure you achieve the goals you set for yourself.

Go back to basics

Learning vocabulary is the best way to kick-start you’re language adventure. When you can recognise common vocabularies such as food or household items you can start to break down the boundaries between your native language and the language you are practising! This provides a further sense of achievement outside of an academic setting allowing you to feel more fulfilled with your progress.

With Drops, you can learn single vocabulary as well as chunks and phrases making it perfect for beginners!

These tools should set you up for success and have you speaking fluently in no time at all!

Have fun

Learning is always easier when you are having fun! If you are enjoying your learning you will be progressing far quicker than learning under strict circumstances. By moderating all of the above you are creating an ideal environment to help you flourish! Use Drops for a gamified language learning experience and get yourself off to a flying start!

Would you like to kickstart your language-learning journey today? Download Drops and take part in our New Year's Challenge to complete 30 sessions in 30 days and start your year off right!

Daisy Jones is the Social Media coordinator at Drops. She hails from the Bristol area, and has a Doodle named Stanley and a Staffy named Hank.

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