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Dec 31, 2020

Take Your Language Learning Further with #90DayswithDrops

This year, we're getting ready to kick off our third ever 90 Days with Drops language learning challenge.

It's a 90-day challenge where you get to accelerate your language learning as a part of a supportive community and Drops.

Want to know how to join? Start here.

Learn a new language with 90 days with Drops

What is a Language Challenge?

A language challenge is an excellent way to dive headfirst into learning a new language, just ask our past hosts - memory champion Nelson Dellis who worked on gaining fluency in Dutch two years ago and our Resident Polyglot Shannon Kennedy who aimed for conversational Hebrew last year.

Two years ago, Nelson didn’t know any more than a few simple words in Dutch. Today, he’s able to communicate with his mother and her family in their native language.

Nelson learns Dutch to connect with his Dutch-speaking family
Nelson Dellis with his mother

And at the beginning of her Hebrew challenge last year, Shannon went from here:

To here:

It all started with our annual language challenge.


This January sees the return of our #90DayswithDrops language challenge. As a part of #90Dayswith Drops, we encourage participants to use the Drops app for—you guessed it—90 days.

There are 40+ languages available in Drops, so pick one (or more) and join us. Use the challenge as an opportunity to increase your vocabulary in another language in just three months.

And the best part is, you won’t be alone. 

People from all around the world take part in our 90-day language challenge.

All you have to do is participate is follow these instructions and then jump on Instagram to share your progress with us.

Why Vocabulary is Important

Our approach to language learning at Drops is simple: focus on building vocabulary before moving on to sentence construction, grammar, conversation, etc.

Plenty of research indicates the effectiveness of this approach. The most notable example of this is from the linguist and researcher Paul Nation. He has devised a teaching method that focuses first and foremost on learning frequently used words.

Fundamental to this idea is learning new words in different ways such as by reading, writing, listening and speaking. Paul also advocates the use of learning tools, for example, word cards to help students visualize new words and commit them to memory. 

We build upon this with Drops. 

The app presents words in multiple different ways, using both visual and audible cues to make them easier to remember.

It’s a proven approach and one that has undoubtedly helped Nelson and Shannon with their language projects.

Learn a new language with Drops

Will You Accept the Challenge?

A little bit of work every day can yield impressive results. You can fast-track learning a new language by taking part in our #90DayswithDrops language challenge starting tomorrow, January 1st!

If you haven’t set yourself a New Year’s resolution yet, then now’s the time.  

Remember, all you have to do is pick a language on Drops (or more than one if you’re feeling confident) and spend some time each day learning new words. Don’t forget to let us know you’re taking part by using the hashtag #90DayswithDrops. You can also share screenshots of your progress with us on Instagram.

You can also download these Instagram templates to get started!

90 Days with Drops
90 Days with Drops

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