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Sep 21, 2023

A Drops Celebration: 50 Languages, Infinite Potential

Fellow language lovers and future polyglots, put your dictionaries aside because we've got some thrilling news to share. Here at Drops, we have hit a major linguistic milestone, introducing a whopping 50 languages on our app! This means that you can now carry an entire world of vocabulary - right in your pocket.
From the very start, Drops has been all about making language learning accessible, fun, and available to everyone. We began this journey with just five languages: English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian. Today, with over 970 million terms learned since 2019, we're unveiling a spectacular buffet of 50 diverse languages, offering nearly 160,000 terms to learn in the app. It's like a linguistic dinner with flavours from the whole world, and you're all invited to join the party!
While languages like Korean, American English, and Japanese continue to be favorites within our Drops community, we are now thrilled to introduce Catalan as the 50th language addition to our app collection. As we celebrate this remarkable milestone, let's dive into the reason behind it all. And it's all about you, our fantastic users, with the amazing stories you've been sharing from every corner of the world!

7 Language Stories Across Every Aspect of Life

As we celebrate this milestone, let's delve into some inspiring stories that perfectly illustrate why our close-knit team of 30 individuals works diligently every day to introduce new topics, challenges, and languages. Your stories and reasons for using Drops have inspired us to keep the language-learning party going on since day one. Your experiences remind us that language is more than just a fancy vocabulary—it's opening the door to infinite opportunities that bridges gaps, makes hearts skip a beat in any tongue, strengthens family bonds, and gives you the ultimate superpower: ordering ice cream in 50 different languages (okay, maybe that's just us). Let’s hear about stories on why and how our user have been using Drops!

  1. Rediscovering School Days

Remember those language classes you had in school? In our Drops community, we've heard many stories of people who learned a language in school, like Spanish in high school or German in college, that are now getting excited about learning languages again. They're dusting off the language skills they almost forgot and starting a journey to relearn. We're really happy to see this happening—it's like finding an old yearbook and remembering how much fun you had back then, picking up where you left off, wake up those sleeping language skills, and see them come back to life.

“I chose Mandarin Chinese because I studied it for a semester in college years ago and I wanted to get back into it. I now use this app as a supplement to working with my Mandarin tutor. (...)Drops creates a fun way to improve your vocabulary! I also love to use Drops to pass time while waiting in line or for appointments; it’s so much more productive than scrolling through social media. “
- Jocelynn, now learning Chinese Mandarin

  1. Becoming a Polyglot Dreamer

Have you ever dreamed of speaking multiple languages, like a global chatterbox? It's an exciting dream, and as we hear from our users, we're confident you can make it a reality too. Learning multiple languages opens the door to a wide array of exciting adventures and connections. People from all over the world have joined us to explore different languages and cultures, discovering their hidden language talents. We can't help but be inspired to learn another language as well.

“I'm currently learning both Spanish and Dutch. I started my Drops journey with just Spanish, but after moving to Belgium, Dutch has become more of a priority for me. Dutch, meanwhile, is the local language where I now live as well as the native language of my husband and his family. I want to be able to communicate with them more and integrate into Belgian society as soon as possible. “
- Samantha, now learning Dutch

  1. Preserving Your Heritage

Do you have family that hails from another country? Language is not just a means of communication; it's a bridge to your culture, history, and heritage. We understand the significance of preserving your roots and are delighted to hear from our community about how they are ensuring the preservation of their cultural legacy. Whether you're passionate about learning Irish to reconnect with your family's heritage or delving into Māori to embrace your cultural identity, we are thrilled to see how you are keeping the flame alive to ensure that your traditions burn brightly.

“There used to be only around two close family members that I know of who were fluent in Te reo, but one of them passed away, and she used to give me Māori lessons until I was 8 and moved countries. I recently realised that I felt lost from my culture and finding Drops really helped me connect back and I have learned quite a bit from the few lessons I have taken.“
- Anonymous, now learning te reo Māori

  1. Travel Tales

Planning a globetrotting adventure? Traveling to different places around the world and learning new languages can be like starting to paint on a blank canvas. Stroke by stroke, word by word, and bit by bit, you will improve your vocabulary in the local language. It can make your travels more enjoyable and interesting. Whether you want to converse with people in Rome or read signs in Tokyo, we're delighted to see that people have been using Drops as their travel companion to have wonderful experiences and make exciting discoveries.

“I love Portugal, the culture and the people. We holiday out there alot so it would be nice to know more than hello please and thank you!”
- Maisie, now learning Portuguese

  1. Language of Love

Have you ever found love across language barriers, where your hearts spoke a different language? Learning your sweetheart's language is the ultimate heartwarming gesture, like composing a love letter with words that resonate within their soul. Bridge the gap and express your love and affection in the most meaningful way possible with a new love language.

“I'm learning for love! I'm an English boy who fell in love with a Brazilian/Spanish girl in the cold British winter of 2022 (...) It's safe to say that my Spanish is much better than it was and Drops is largely responsible for that. I am now living in Barcelona with my partner and embracing all that this vibrant city has to offer. Once I've mastered Spanish, I'm sure Drops can help me with Catalonian and Portuguese. Step by step, little by little! “
-Frank, now learning Spanish

  1. Multilingual Family Chronicles

In today's globalized world, many families are a beautiful tapestry of languages and cultures. Embracing multilingualism within your family promotes diversity and strengthens the bonds that tie you together. Whether you're learning Thai to reconnect with your heritage or mastering Serbian to communicate effortlessly with your new family, embracing multiple languages enriches your family's unique story.

“I never learned my mother's language when I was a child. I'm learning now and going to surprise her on her birthday. I like the presentation of information, it's accessible in small doses and satisfying to get the answers right as it moves from recognition to recall.  It's simple,  but very effective.”
-Samantha, now learning Tagalog

        7. Moving to a new country

Embarking on a journey to a new country is an adventure filled with opportunities. Learning the language of your new home is not just a necessity, but a powerful tool for building connections, forming friendships, and immersing yourself in the local culture. Whether you're settling into Finland, Australia, or anywhere else in the world, embracing a new language empowers you to fully experience and thrive in your new environment.

“When I got an offer to move to Finland during summer 2021, I knew, that I'd better start learning the language one way or another. I tried different apps at that time, and Drops seemed to be the best choice for me: gamified flash cards in a pleasant design, and a way to make lessons bite-size, to built a habit. (..) In fact, when I did a language test to measure my proficiency for integration courses, I scored higher, because I recognized some words. Now and then I also hear a random conversation on the street, where I notice a familiar word from Drops, which I have not really used before, and I think to myself: "Oh, I guess they are talking about this thing.", and it feels nice.”
- Amir, now learning Finnish

Join the Big 50 Challenge

Celebrate the diverse world of languages with us! Participate in our challenge by dedicating 50 minutes to playing Drops for a chance to win fantastic prizes. With 50 languages at your fingertips and countless stories to explore, Drops is your gateway to a world of linguistic adventure. So, let's begin! Be among the first 50 participants to win a year of free premium membership, or secure an extra 50 minutes of learning time. Keep an eye on your mailbox for updates after completing the challenge!

The challenge is currently only available on
iOS devices (Stay tuned, Android coming soon!). For more details on the Big 50 Challenge, click here!

Join our language-learning community today and kickstart your linguistic adventure. While you're at it, explore our languages to discover what will be your next language adventure. Whether you're chasing polyglot dreams, preserving your heritage, or preparing for an adventure, Drops has got your back!

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Emilia Bertilsson, a wordsmith and globetrotting yogi based in Stockholm. With 30 countries stamped on her passport, she’s longing for even more adventures. Her ultimate quest? To visit the New Seven Wonders of the World!

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