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Feb 20, 2020

Learn with Drops Online: Announcing our Web App and Visual Dictionary

In addition to the new languages we have added to Drops over the last few months (Greek, Finnish, Ainu), we just soft-launched two new web apps.

The Drops Web App

Many of our users have told us they want to play Drops on their computers. So we developed a web-based auxiliary Drops app on Google Chrome that provides the same fun, visual learning Drops learning experience as our mobile app. And, as long as you log in to Drops from both apps, your progress will be synced between them. So you can now start your Drops lesson on your commute using the Drops mobile app, then finish it at home using the Drop web app.  Enjoy!

Try out the Drops Web App.

Drops visual dictionary

The Drops Visual Dictionary

Over 50% of the world’s population categorize themselves as visual learners. This preferred learning style applies to all types of learning, including language learning. This is no surprise, especially when you consider how children learn to talk. Many of their first words, like mama and papa, have very specific visual cues. And yet, most language learning methods ignore or downplay visual learning techniques. 

Since launching our original Drops app in 2015, we have received many accolades due to the intrinsic visual learning experience of our apps (including the 2019 Google Material Design Experience Award our Scripts app recently won). Building upon this success, we decided to broaden the Drops learning platform beyond the language learning community. We want to share our visual language learning techniques with those who may not necessarily want to learn a new language, but who occasionally look up foreign words. This is why we created the Drops Visual Dictionary—it’s available for anyone to use and look up words in any of Drops’ 37 languages. The Drops Visual Dictionary isn’t’ a full-fledged dictionary and doesn’t yet have all of the words that are in the Drops mobile and web apps, but it’s a start. 

Check out the Drops Visual Dictionary.

So don’t be surprised when you Google a word and see the familiar, colorful Drops interface pop up in the search results. 

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