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Feb 25, 2021

Ask the Polyglot Episode 10: What are the most essential verbs in any language?

Welcome to the latest edition of our "Ask the Polyglot" series. Regularly, our Resident Polyglot and Language Expert, Shannon Kennedy sets aside some time to answer your language learning questions.

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In this episode, Shannon answers:

  • How do I learn a language with few resources (mainly Wikipedia articles and songs)?
  • Have you heard about Sorbian languages (Upper and Lower Sorbian)?
  • What are some jobs that incorporate language learning?
  • Hi, I’m 14 and I have started learning Turkish. Any tips for memorizing and helping me?
  • How to learn an alphabet?
  • Once you’ve learned a language, how do you continue to improve and practice it?
  • How to become a native speaker in a new language?
  • How to get over the “burnout” status when you learn any new language?
  • Any tips for learning Spanish? Any other sources to learn Spanish other than Drops?
  • Any advice on not losing motivation to keep learning a language?
  • How could I handle Japanese and Korean at the same time?
  • What are the most essential verbs in any language?
  • How do I track my learning with the CEFR levels?
  • Any tips on learning Mandarin?
  • What are the first things you learn when starting a new language?
Language learning Q&A - Ask our resident language expert your questions about language learning

What about you? What are your language learning questions? We plan to make them more regularly, so keep an eye on our Instagram stories! We’ll share when we’re accepting more questions and I’d love to answer your language questions in the next round. Happy language learning! 

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