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Jun 2, 2023

Celebrate Pride Month with Drops │ Name Our Characters

Last year we introduced you to Sam, the friendly face we want learners to recognize and follow along through their language learning journey. They are presented as gender-neutral as possible and we include them in almost every side of every situation.

You’ll find Sam exploring a market in the Travel category, at the nail salon in the Wellness category, giving a presentation at Work, and about to propose in We’re Engaged. Putting Sam into the shoes of the person in any of these situations is our attempt to take the gender out of activities that previously have been strongly tied to traditionalist gender expressions.

This year we wanted you to say hello to more of the many faces that we have within Drops. They all have different backgrounds, occupations, hobbies, and each of them is also learning a language or two, too!

While Sam has always been known to the Drops team as ‘Sam’, these other people remain nameless, so this is where you come in! We would love you to help us name some of our beloved characters…

Help us name our beloved characters!

Character 1

This character is a therapist by day and musician by night. In their spare time they love to play football and learn Italian.

Character 2

This foodie and astrology-loving character is a full-time student. Even though they’re not learning languages at school, they love everything about the Arabic language and hope to keep learning until they’re fluent.

Character 3

Have you ever heard of an arm-wrestling doctor? Now you have! When they’re not battling illnesses and opponents, this character loves to travel and learn Korean & Japanese.

Character 4

Whether it’s a board game night with friends and family, simply puttering around their garden for hours on end, or simply learning a bit of Norwegian on Drops; this character loves to kick back and relax from their high demand job as an architect.

Inclusive Learning

Sam is so much more to us than a cartoon character. They’re a representative of the inclusive content we want all of our learners to be able to relate to, and we hope these new characters can do just that, too!

Learn a new language and discover LGBTQ+ keywords in the Drops app, today!

Stephanie Dean is the Drops Social Media Manager, born and raised in Cymru (Wales). If she’s not creating content, she can probably be found scrolling through TikTok for hours on end…

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