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Feb 11, 2021

Learn to Say “Bull” in 41 Languages to Celebrate the Year of the Ox

Chinese New Year is right around the corner, and we’re getting ready to celebrate a new year and a new start.

On behalf of Drops, we want to wish you a Happy New Year and share our warmest wishes with you. 

In the new year, we wish you all:

  • 牛年大吉!(Niú nián dàjí!) - “Happy year of the ox!”
  • 牛运亨通!(Niú yùn hēngtōng!) - “May the new year go smoothly! / May the new year be prosperous!”
  • 牛转乾坤!(Niú zhuǎn qiánkūn!) - “The ox turns heaven and earth” (Meaning: may a bad or difficult situation be turned to your favor)
  • 牛气冲天!(Niú qi chōng tiān!) - “Strong like a bull!”

Are you feeling festive?

With Drops, you can get ready for the Year of the Ox by learning to say “ox”, or “bull”, in more than 40 languages. Don’t miss out on ringing in the new year with this fun, seasonal vocabulary!

In English, there are many words for 牛 or “cow” depending on the gender or purpose of the animal. You might hear bull, steer, heifer, calf, or even dairy cow. But the most common translation of 牛年 (niú nián) is “Year of the Ox”.

In this article, we’d like to help you learn how to say 公牛 (gōngniú, “bull”) in 41 languages. 

So without any further ado, collected for you all in one place below, you’ll find the word for “bull” as taught in Drops in more than 40 languages. That way, when Spring Festival rolls around, you’ll be able to show off your new knowledge.

Let’s show off!

牛气哄哄!🐂 (Niúqi hōng hōng!

Note: Some languages have the romanization along with the original text.

Here’s how to say “bull” or “ox” in different languages:

  1. Mandarin Chinese: 公牛 (gōngniú)
  2. Japanese: 雄牛(おうし, oushi
  3. Arabic: ثور(thawr
  4. Danish: tyr
  5. German: der Bulle
  6. Greek: ταύρος(tavros
  7. British English: bull
  8. American English: bull
  9. Esperanto: virbovo
  10. Mexican Spanish: el toro
  11. Castillian Spanish: el toro
  12. Estonian: härg
  13. Persian: گاو نر(gāve nar
  14. Finnish: härkä
  15. French: le taureau
  16. Hebrew: שור(shor
  17. Hindi: सांड(saaned
  18. Hawaiian: pipi kāne
  19. Croatian: bik
  20. Hungarian: bika
  21. Icelandic: naut
  22. Indonesian: banteng
  23. Italian: il toro
  24. Korean: 황소(hwangso
  25. Maori: pūru
  26. Dutch: de stier
  27. Norwegian: okse
  28. Polish: byk
  29. Brazilian Portuguese: o touro
  30. European Portuguese: o touro
  31. Russian: бык(byk
  32. Samoan: povi po'a
  33. Serbian: бик(bik
  34. Swedish: tjur
  35. Thai: กระทิง(kra thing
  36. Tagalog: toro
  37. Turkish: boğa
  38. Vietnamese: bò đực
  39. Cantonese: 公牛 (gung1 ngau4)
  40. Ainu: ペコ(peko
  41. Bosnian: bik

And that’s it! Now you know how to say “bull” in 41 languages.

Which language do you think you’ll use the most?

And now that you’ve started along the path to learning this new word, keep up the momentum and join us in the Drops app to learn more!

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