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Oct 12, 2022

¿Como Se Dice En Español? How Do You Say That in Spanish? Part Two

To wrap up Hispanic Heritage Month 2022, we’re bringing you some more useful words and phrases from the Drops Mexican Spanish Language course.

If you missed part one of this post, check it out to learn things like how to say “goat” in Spanish.

1. How do you say “no problem” in Spanish?

No problem= no hay problema

No te preocupes= don’t worry

“No hay problema” is the direct translation (with the h being silent, as it always is in Spanish), but we also say “no te preocupes” which translates to “don’t worry” in English.

Here’s to hoping your holiday by the equator is problem and worry free! For more useful phrases and travel vocab, check out our Travel Essentials content!

2. How do you say “corn” in Spanish?

The corn= el maiz

Whether it’s due to the viral corn audio, or because of corn-based tortillas, arepas, and Mexican street corn (elote), people want to know how to say “corn” in Spanish! Drops has got you covered.

You can learn how to say corn, and other delicious things with our courses on all things food.

3. How do you say “excuse me” in Spanish?

Con Permiso/ Permiso= excuse me

“Con permiso” is the more formal way to excuse yourself, but “permiso” works just fine for getting around most Latin America countries. It’s a handy phrase to have so you can be the good kind of tourist and make your way through crowded markets or get your waiter’s attention successfully.

Check out more travel vocabulary essentials available online or on airplane mode in the Drops app.

4. How do you say “have a good day” in Spanish?

Have a good day= Que tengas un buen dia

We hope you have a good day learning Mexican Spanish with Drops! Just because Hispanic Heritage Month is ending, doesn’t mean you can’t keep celebrating and enjoying Hispanic culture. The Drops Mexican Spanish course is a great place to start.

5. How do you say “see you later” in Spanish?

See you later= Hasta luego

This wraps up our ¿Como Se Dice? series for Hispanic Heritage Month. We hope you’ve learned something new!

Be sure to get more language and culture insider tips on the Drops Language Instagram.

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