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Apr 14, 2023

Can a Language Learning App Be Carbon Compensated? (Hint: Yes)

As Earth Day approaches, Drops is proud to share that we have become a carbon compensated language learning app, taking a significant step towards reducing our carbon footprint; from app development and size, all the way to the users using the app. We have taken steps to become a carbon compensated language learning app with the help of ClimatePartner, a leading organization that supports businesses throughout their climate action journeys.Our partnership with ClimatePartner will offset all carbon emissions by contributing to multiple UN Sustainable Development goals, such as: affordable and clean energy, decent work and economic growth and climate action. Discover more about the project here.

Now you can learn English, French, Spanish, and 47+ other languages wherever you are, without affecting your carbon footprint. 

What Is Carbon Compensation Anyway?

Carbon compensation, also known as carbon offsetting, is a process where companies invest in supporting projects that reduce carbon emissions or remove carbon from the atmosphere. This helps to offset the carbon emissions that the company produces through its operations. 

How Is Drops Offsetting Its Carbon Footprint?

Drops has partnered with ClimatePartner to invest in the emPOWERing project, an initiative which provides sustainable wind and solar energy supply to Madagascar, Namibia, Egypt, and South Africa. By supporting projects that contribute to climate protection, we are offsetting the carbon produced by our operations. In order to achieve carbon neutrality, Drops is compensating 82 tons of CO2eq. 

You can join in on the climate action in one of our many Climate Awareness topics. Expand your knowledge about environmental challenges and how we can all make a positive impact through sustainable actions in 49+ languages. 

Why Is Drops Working for Carbon Compensation?

At Language Drops, we’re committed to improving lives through language learning. That’s why we developed a course on climate awareness that teaches key vocabulary about environmental issues to help our learners become more conscious global citizens in a new language.

"We are proud to be starting our climate action journey by measuring the impact of Drops and supporting climate protection projects. This is just a part of the bigger challenge of continuously optimizing our products for lower impact."

– Drops GM & CPO, Frederik Cordes

Learn More Our Efforts at Drops

Language Drops recognizes that it still has a long way to go in terms of reducing its impact on the environment. However, by becoming carbon compensated and investing in sustainable projects, Language Drops hopes to inspire other companies and language learners to follow its lead and take action to protect the environment. Learn more about how you can offset your carbon footprint.

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