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Jun 17, 2022

European Train Travel Tips

You probably never thought a language app could be the best app for train travel in Europe. We may not be able to book your tickets, but the Drops app can help you navigate the language of international travel by giving you the words you need in 45+ languages.

See for yourself! Check out our shiny new topics in the app: Train Travel, Road tripping, and At The Airport.

Planning on traveling Europe by train this summer? Keep on reading for some insider knowledge on train travel myths and tips in three major European countries.

The myth about German train travel

Hold onto your seat, we’re about to break one big German train myth: German trains are not always on time. In fact, both the regional and national train systems often suffer unplanned delays which are announced through a hazy speaker system. Luckily, Drops has the words you need to ask about your train and destination. Just save these keywords to your in-app collection, and you’ll be able to access them anytime, with or without cell service.

Despite the occasional schedule changes, train traveling in Germany is still a great way to see a lot of the country in a limited amount of time.

PRO TIP: Make sure you book a seat if you’re traveling with the ICE - (that’s I-C-E not ice like frozen water) the long distance, high-speed train in Germany. Seats are first come, first serve, and if you don’t book you could be standing throughout the entire train trip or playing musical chairs!

Take your siesta on the Spanish high-speed train

The Spanish equivalent to the German high-speed ICE train is called the Ave, which happens to mean “bird” in Spanish. While the ICE has to share its train tracks with other less speedy trains, the Ave has its own tracks, allowing it to move at uninterrupted speeds of 310 kilometers per hour (or 192 miles per hour).

Many international flights fly into the capital city of Madrid, but the Ave is a great way to get to know the rest of the country, cutting driving times in half, and giving you speedy views of the beautiful Spanish countryside.

PRO TIP: The Spanish spoken in Spain (Castilian) can often vary from the one spoken in Central and South America. Download Drops to save all the travel terms you need in Castilian Spanish, and be able to access them on-the-go, even when your phone is on flight mode.

Save money while you discover France

If you’re 16-27 years old then you’re in luck! The SNCF, France’s national railway service, offers several deals on unlimited national train travel. Get your ticket in advance to explore the country by train. Have your Drops language app handy for all the French words you need to treat your taste buds to new culinary experiences, to always be able to find the bathroom, and maybe to even experience romance in the city of light.

Stress-free train travel in your pocket

No matter where your travels take you this summer, Drops is a trusty travel companion that will never leave you without the words you need to get back out there and make memories.

Elissa Gonzalez is a Venezuelan American Writer currently based in Germany. She’s also lived in (and committed language faux pas in) Madrid, Paris, and Montpellier, and is happy to show you how Drops can help make you a travel genius this summer.

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