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Sep 9, 2021

Exciting New Updates Have Drops-ed

We are extremely excited to share our big news with you...

Drops has had a makeover 🎨

Drops new design

As our users grow and learn with the app, we wanted to ensure that the app grew with them.

So, the whole of the Drops team have been working hard behind the scenes to ensure that nothing distracted from the learning journey, and to keep the app looking fresh. Creating a new design that is cleaner and brighter than before, but still retaining that signature Drops look that we all know and love.

New Feature: FRIENDS

Drops Invite a Friend

You can now challenge your friends, family and colleagues in Drops!

Personalize your own profile with an avatar, invite your friends and follow their language learning progress to see who can learn more.

It’s time to get inspired - and motivated - by your besties!

New Look: Drops Redesign

Drops redesign

Drops has had a makeover! As you grow and learn with the app, we wanted to ensure that the app grew with you too…

So, we’ve been working hard to create an even more fun app by making our design cleaner and brighter (but still just as colourful)!

New Content: Workplace Talk

Drops workplace talk

Whether you want to ask if someone wants a coffee, or you need to reschedule a meeting - our new Workplace Talk has you covered!

Learn over 70 new words and phrases to help build connections with colleagues or clients, and put into practice your new language skills.  

Head over to the app to enjoy the new updates now!

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