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Aug 23, 2021

5 Fun Games You Can Play to Learn a Language Efficiently

There are many modern methods that promise you’ll learn a foreign language quickly. Many of these tools and resources work, but a lot depends not only on the chosen methodology but also on your own motivation. And because motivation plays such an important role in the learning process, students are often faced with the fact that they lose interest in their studies. And when that happens, it makes it nearly impossible to succeed in learning the language.

Still, there are several paths you can follow that will boost your interest in learning a language, but also improve your knowledge while having fun.

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The Top 5 Games You Can Play to Learn a New Language?

Do you feel stuck in your foreign language learning? Why not try to improve your language in an interesting way? Games are a great way to make the learning process more fun. That’s one of the key philosophies behind Drops.

The game route for learning always brings positive results, especially when combined with other methods. Games work so effectively because, during play, you enter a state of flow and the learning is taking place isn’t what you’re focused on.

Games are fun, and this makes information is easier to digest. Looking for games that will allow you to effectively learn a foreign language? Here are some ideas:

Games you can play to learn languages

1 Spot It

This entertaining game allows players to expand their vocabulary. Spot It allows you to replenish your vocabulary around topics such areas as clothing, animals, family, weather, and so on.

The classic version of the game is played in English, but you can find versions of the game in other foreign languages. The essence of the game is that you need to match two cards: a picture and a word.

This game is aimed not only at learning the language but also at the development of logical thinking, too. Speaking of context, the game allows you to strengthen your vocabulary through repetition and understanding of the meaning.

This game is suitable for all ages. Even if you are not a beginner in learning a foreign language, then this game is fun to play and will help consolidate your knowledge. It is also a good way to have fun with your friends or family.

2 Drops

Drops is popular worldwide and is very effective for learning a foreign language's basic vocabulary. 

This game is focused on visuals, and it allows you to learn the desired language quite effectively, choosing from 40+ languages options. The app is available for mobile devices, tablet, or your browser. 

The application is based on games, which means that the user will learn all the material through interesting interactions and play. The essence of the game is to match the world with a picture and build associations through repetition. Therefore, this application can be a great addition to learning foreign languages. With it, you can study a foreign language at any time, for example, while commuting (as long as you’re not driving), on vacation, or simply on your sofa.

Learn a new language with Drops


This classic game is a great option for having fun and learning a foreign language. The game is suitable for most ages and any knowledge level in a foreign language. 

Today this game is available in numerous foreign languages. The game helps you remember words and think, as it is necessary to form words. Another advantage of this game is that you can create your own rules for the game. Let's say, use two vowels in each word, create words of at least 5 letters, or choose a theme. 

Therefore, you can reboot your knowledge and boost logical and creative thinking every time you study a foreign language. Today this game is often used as a team-building tool, an activity in language courses, and is used by many teachers.

Games you can play to learn languages

Use TV Shows as a Learning Game

Watching movies and TV shows is another good way to learn any foreign language. You can do it with or without subtitles. 

Even if you are just starting to learn a foreign language, you can get started with children's cartoons, or content created for learning a foreign language. Such videos can be easily found on YouTube.

If you already have a basic knowledge of the language, then dive straight into watching your favorite movies or shows. 

Moreover, you can come up with games to test your understanding, improve your knowledge, and not just watch the show. As a game idea, you can think of the following:

  • Choose one character and shadow them.
  • Write down unfamiliar words and google the translation.
  • Try to translate the speech, and then turn on subtitles to make sure you don't miss a single word.

Watching movies and tv shows in a foreign language is a good opportunity to boost your knowledge. First, with tv or movies, you expand your vocabulary. Second, you get input in the language from native speakers, and it will be beneficial for speech development.


Gamification has long proven itself positively in the study of foreign languages. Influent is pretty simple but fun and effective. It allows you to expand your vocabulary by more than 400 words. This game is a great start for beginners as the user gains basic vocabulary.

How does it work? The player starts in a virtual apartment. You just need to direct the cursor and explore the names of the items around the room. As soon as the user has collected more than 10 words, you can then start the training mode.

At this point, you need to quickly and correctly identify the items you encounter. When you get it right, you receive points. These points will open access to additional words like adjectives and verbs.

The Bottom Line

Educational games are a good strategy to diversify your educational routine. Use the games above to complement other learning experiences. This is a good way not only to have fun while learning but also employ a useful strategy.

Learn a new language with Drops


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