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May 27, 2022

How Drops is Showing Pride

This year, we’ve finally achieved our goal of adding pride culture and celebration courses to our language learning app.

Take a peek at the words and phrases in our four new pride courses or start a Drops session to make them a part of your language learning.

We’re always working to be inclusive and full of Pride from the inside out. What follows are some of the ways we talk the pride talk and walk the pride walk at Drops language learning.

1. Radical inclusivity during the hiring process

During each and every interview, our Head of Team Team (the Drops equivalent to HR, because corporate titles are so not our thing) makes sure each candidate knows that Drops is a very vibrant and accepting workplace. We prioritize psychological well-being regardless of how our coworkers identify, (offering therapeutic services to those who are interested) and welcome every person as they are. Naturally, people that join our team share these values and want to help us drive inclusivity forward.

Want to know more about the mighty group behind Drops language learning? Meet our diverse intercultural team and check out our LinkedIn for job openings!

2. The queer community within Drops

How languages are learned matters. We’re lucky enough to have a multicultural, highly educated group of queer individuals helping us achieve representation and inclusivity in our language app and among our team.

3. From employee idea to reality

Our language learning topics are relatable and usable because they’re made by multilingual people that know about the daily needs and struggles of learning a new language. Like everything that goes into the Drops language learning app, our new pride courses were the passion project of one person: our Head of Content. With her guidance, the rest of the team rallied to introduce pride keywords into our vocabulary games.

4. The Beers with Queers Workshop

As we developed in-app language courses for how to talk about LGBTQ+ culture for our users, we realized we had to teach this internally too. Together with the queer individuals at Drops that wanted to participate, we’ve developed an employee workshop that’s both educational and confessional, providing a safe space for employees that want to learn and those that want to share their personal experiences.

5. Keeping the Drops pride alive

The 2022 Pride Launch is just the beginning. We hope to develop our Beers with Queers Workshop and bring it to our parent company, Kahoot! so a greater group of people can learn about and celebrate LGBTQ+ experiences.

We’ll continue learning in order to develop our pride language courses further, and keep pride in our minds and hearts beyond parade season.

This blogpost was the brain child of Irma with Ellie as unofficial ghost-writer.
This blogpost was the brain child of Irma with Ellie as unofficial ghost-writer.

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