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Mar 1, 2023

How to Learn Irish Gaelic with Language Drops

Introducing our New Irish Language Course!

We're elated to announce the launch of our new Irish language course at Drops. This course is a fantastic opportunity for learners of all levels to discover the Irish language and its rich cultural heritage, and to contribute to the preservation and revitalization of this endangered language.

Connect to Your Heritage

Our Irish language course is designed to help you learn the language in an engaging, fun, and interactive way. Focused on vocabulary-based lessons, learners will quickly gain confidence in understanding and speaking Irish. Plus, with our culturally specific topics like “Gaelic Games” and “Irish Traditional Music,” learners can truly immerse themselves in some of the richness of the Irish culture.

As St. Patrick's Day approaches, our Irish language course will allow learners to celebrate with locals. It will also help connect the millions of people around the world who claim Irish descent.

Preserving and Revitalizing the Irish Language

We’re proud to offer this new course as part of our ongoing commitment to preserve and highlight endangered languages. About 1.2 million people know the Irish language worldwide, but in a recent census, only 78,000 native speakers said they speak the language daily. It's crucial that we work to preserve this language and celebrate its unique cultural identity.

Our new Irish course also aligns with efforts from within Ireland to revitalize the language. In Ireland, Irish is taught as a compulsory subject in schools, while the Irish government has set a goal to have 20% of public employees proficient in Irish by 2030. Our lessons for workplace and school vocabulary provide an excellent opportunity for students as well as employees in Ireland to improve their Irish language skills and to contribute to the revitalization of this important part of Irish culture.

As Irish Language Week starts this March (1-17th), we are excited to launch our new course just in time for this event.

Get Started with Irish Today

At Drops, we believe that language learning is a lifelong journey, and we're proud to offer our users the opportunity to explore new languages and cultures. We hope that you'll join us in celebrating the launch of our new Irish language course on Drops, and that you'll discover the beauty and richness of the Irish language.

Download Drops and start learning Irish today. Slán go fóill! (Goodbye for now!)

Chelsea Roden (she/they) is the Head of Learning Content at Drops where they develop and curate courses in 46 languages. Previously she worked in educational publishing and taught language and writing courses. They’re currently based in Germany.

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