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Nov 24, 2020

Drops is joining the Kahoot! team

We’ve spent the last five years creating a new way for you to learn, and we’ve been so humbled and happy to see the impact it has had on the world.

More than 25 million of you have used our visual, playful approach to learning language. We’ve been working incredibly hard to make the app work beautifully, to bring you more than 42 languages, and to scale our platform for educators, language learners, kids (with Droplets), and to support new alphabets (with Scripts). Drops has been recognized with awards from Apple, Google, and Fast Company. 

All of this is great. But what motivates us more than anything is more users around the world discovering Drops, and having fun while learning a new language. Mark and I started Drops because we were tired of the old way language was learned, and we believed in finding a better solution. We think language can enrich your life, and we created Drops to suit learners of all ages and levels. 

Today, we are proud to announce the next stage of our journey: Drops is joining the Kahoot! team. We’ve gotten to know Kahoot! for some time now, and we’ve been super impressed by their dedication and focus on making learning awesome (see announcement by Eilert Hanoa, CEO of Kahoot!)

Since its inception in Norway in 2012, Kahoot! has become a truly global brand by building an education platform that, like ours, is based primarily on making learning fun. Their mission is to make learning awesome by empowering all educators, teachers, students, and employees to unlock their learning potential. In the last 12 months, more than one billion participating players in over 200 countries attended over 200 million Kahoot! sessions. 

We’re excited for the Drops team to become part of the larger Kahoot! Group, because we are perfectly aligned in our mission, and we’re both trying to make education better for millions of people around the world. Also, we know with Kahoot!’s knowledge and network, we’ll be able to help more people around the world discover the joy and effectiveness of learning languages through Drops. 

Thank you to all our fans everywhere. While this is an important milestone for our business, our story is only getting started. Our product, vision, and roadmap remains unchanged — in fact, we will now have more resources and the ability to make Drops even better for you all. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on.

Daniel Farkas

Drops Cofounder & CEO

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For more information check out the official press release here: Kahoot! acquires Drops to make language learning more awesome!

Read the Kahoot! announcement.

Read the Kahoot! press release.

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