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Aug 5, 2021

10 Podcasts to Help You Learn a New Language

Languages are the fruit of life in my opinion. Whether you want to add a new language to your résumé, want to travel around the world and fit in with the cultures surrounding you, or just want to pick up a language in your spare time, this one is for you! I personally fell in love with the beauty and diversity of languages at a very young age growing up traveling all over the world, and that feeling has never gone away. 

Here are ten great podcasts to help you when learning a new language, let’s go! 

10 podcasts for language learners

1: ‘Creative Language Learning Podcast’ – Kerstin Cable

Ms. Cable is a fantastic language tutor of the German persuasion and uses this podcast to inspire those learning by being inventive and bringing special guests onto the podcast. She also often talks about news in the language world. She always reminds listeners that you are never too young to start trying to learn a language. 

2: ‘The Actual Fluency Podcast’ - Kris Broholm

On a similar wavelength to the aforementioned podcast, Kris Broholm’s podcast allows guests to hear special guests weigh in on the latest language topics and issues. Kris also keeps in mind ‘goal setting’, language in relation to traveling, and how to motivate yourself when learning a language. This podcast is a great one for new beginners in the language world.

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3: ‘101 Series’ by Innovative Language

Rodrick Uxbridge, a writer at Revieweal and Assignment Help, commented that, “Innovative language is fantastic simply because it is not specified to one language and can be an amazing starting point. I can almost guarantee that you will have come across one of their podcasts if you tried to Google a podcast in the language you are currently trying or wanting to try to learn.” These podcasts cover the general basics of language learning as well as the more intricate details of the language specifically. This is a great option. 

4: ‘News in Slow’

This weekly podcast is offered in three of the most commonly learned languages: French, Spanish, and Italian. This podcast is applicable for learners at every stage of difficulty, and it is also relevant due to the fact that it is ‘current news’. The weekly delivery of it also makes it run at a good pace for a learner trying to pick up a language on the side. 

5: ‘Talk in French’ - Frédéric Bibard

Mr. Bibard’s podcast offers up a wealth of cultural topics and information about France which is especially useful for someone learning the language to travel or move there. There is also reference to French slang and how the French interact. Dialect and vocabulary are also referenced. 

6: ‘30 Minute Italian’ - Cher Hale

This one goes out to all the ones learning Italian! Ms. Hale discusses dialect, culture, grammatical tips, and even slang. There is also a lot of motivation in every podcast to make sure you keep on keeping on! This podcast is great for beginners, as it includes a wealth of knowledge and advice for novice learners. 

7: ‘Yes Japan’

This is a bit of a jump from all the European languages we’ve focused on this far, but this is a great podcast for those brave enough to learn Japanese. It comes in all video format which is great for us visual learners. George Trombley runs it and explains everything with examples, making it relatively smooth to pick up. As Shelley Heel, an ESL expert at Uktopwriters and UKWritings, noted, “The strong starter or intermediate would be perfectly suited to this tutor-style podcast for Japanese language learning.”

8: ‘Spanish Obsessed’ - Rob and Liz

This one is fantastic for Spanish learners, as it features the amazing Rob and Liz, one from the UK and one from Colombia. The podcast is casual and not overly uptight, making it great and totally suitable for beginners and novice learners. They also produce ones for those who have more experience. 

9: ‘Slow Chinese’

Chinese is a tricky one, no arguments about it. However, this podcast is a great starting point for those willing to give it a crack! These podcasts are great little nuggets because they come in at under 10 minutes per podcast. There are also free transcripts available for every podcast. 

10. ‘Deutsche Welle’

This is a good one for those learning German as it addresses everything from news to sports and can be used to pick up little bits along the way. There are materials available for every level of learner on this podcast. 

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About the Author: Lauren Groff is a qualified language expert and ESL writer at Lia Help and BigAssignments. She is also a blogger and editor for Simplegrad.com. She loves to travel and learn new languages in her spare time.

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