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Aug 21, 2020

Learn Bosnian with Drops

Here at Drops, we’re excited to announce our newest language. It’s spoken in Bosnia Herzegovina, the country with the tenth highest rate of coffee consumption in the world, one of the last remaining primeval forests in Europe, and home to the only tower in the world to keep lunar time--the Sarajevo Sahat Tower. You can now learn thousands of Bosnian words in our latest language addition--Bosnian.

Learn the Bosnian language

About the Bosnian Language

Bosnian, known as босански (bosanski) in the language, is one of the three official languages of Bosnia and Herzegovina along with Croatian and Serbian. The Bosnian language is also officially recognized as Serbia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, and Kosovo. It’s spoken by about 3 million people and is mutually intelligible with Croatian, Serbian, and Montenegrin.

Like Serbian, Bosnian speakers use both the Cyrillic and Latin alphabets, though Latin is more common in everyday use. Bosnian is also known for having a large number of loanwords from Arabic, Turkish, and Persian in comparison to its Serbian and Croatian counterparts.

And if you’re a grammar nerd, like with both Croatian and Serbian, Bosnian would be a good choice. It has several grammatical features that offer grammar lovers the perfect challenge between its seven grammatical cases, verb aspect, and three genders. 

Discover the Power of Words 

Ćao--that’s how to say “hi” in Bosnian. And in learning “hi”, you started on your journey taking on the Bosnian language. How quick was that? Ready to take it further? “Hi” is just one of the words you can learn in Drops. Multiply your knowledge of the Bosnian language by the thousands using Drops. Start learning both practical and useful vocabulary in just 5-minutes a day.

At Drops, we aim to put together the best content for you by working with local translators and native speakers to ensure you get a high-quality Bosnian language learning experience.

Learn Bosnian with Drops

Planning a Trip to Sarajevo and Want to Learn a Few Phrases? Want to Know How to Learn Bosnian?

Not looking to reach fluency in Bosnian? Perhaps you just want to pick up a few basic phrases in Bosnian. Or your aim is to be polite when interacting with locals as you get around on an upcoming trip. Whatever your goal, try Drops Bosnian and learn to say please (molim vas) and thank you (hvala) or many other phrases you should know.

What Does the Drops Bosnian Course Include?

Want to learn essential vocabulary in the Bosnian language? With Drops, you have the occasion to tap, swipe, and play your way to learning the more than 2500 words and phrases in Bosnian in just 5-minutes a day as a part of a customized learning experience. 

At Drops, we collect practical, relevant word lists you won’t find anywhere else. It’s the part of the Drops experience we’re most proud of because it offers you a personalized and smooth Bosnian learning experience. 

Ready to talk about history or figure out how to get around on your upcoming trip to Bosna i Hercegovina (“Bosnia and Herzegovina”), Drops is here to support your Bosnian learning. 

Come Learn Bosnian with Drops

Fired up to learn your first Bosnian words? We’d like to invite you to try out Drops. With just five minutes a day, you can start learning the Bosnian language. 

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