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Apr 14, 2020

Learn Coronavirus Vocabulary in More Than 50 Languages

Recently, Tomedes, a translation agency and one of our guest bloggers, wrote tips for learning languages at home during the current pandemic and how to choose which language is right for you. They also shared this glossary of Coronavirus terms translated into 64 languages with us and we also wanted to share it with you.

Coronavirus vocabulary in other languages

We applaud Tomedes for putting this together and wanted to publicly promote it. 

List of terms includes: quarantine, disease, virus, isolation, face mask, etc.

List of languages includes: English, Basque, French, Albanian, Amarhic, Swahili and more…

Please note that we have not verified the accuracy of the translations, but either way, it’s a great starting point for learning some very relevant vocabulary given the current circumstances.

See the list of Coronavirus vocabulary here.

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