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Jun 26, 2020

Learn Croatian with Drops

Made up of a thousand islands, the origin place of the necktie, the film site for Game of Thrones, and home to the world’s smallest town is Croatia, the country where the newest language to be added to Drops is spoken. With our latest release, you can now learn thousands of words in Croatian.

About the Croatian Language

Croatian, called hrvatski in the language, is an official language in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Austria, and the EU. It’s spoken by around 5.6 million people as a native language. It’s mutually intelligible with Serbian, Bosnian, and Montenegrin.

Interested in Slavic languages? Croatian is one of the Slavic languages you can learn without having to learn the Cyrillic writing system. Unlike Serbian or Russian, it’s written using the Latin alphabet. Are you a grammar nerd? Croatian has several grammatical features that can offer you the perfect challenge--it has grammatical cases, three genders, and verb aspect.

Discover the Power of Words 

Bok--that’s “hi” in Croatian. And by learning “hi”, you’ve taken your first step learning the Croatian language. Wasn’t that easy? “Hi” is just one of the many Croatian words you can learn in Drops. And you can multiply that knowledge by the thousands using Drops. Start learning both relevant and practical vocabulary in only 5-minutes a day.

At Drops, we endeavor to put together the best content for you. We work with local translators and native speakers to ensure you get a high-quality Croatian language learning experience.

Planning a Trip to Dubrovnik and Want to Learn a Few Phrases? Wondering how to learn Croatian?

Have a goal other than fluency in Croatian? Or are you wondering how to learn basic phrases in Croatian? Perhaps your goal is to be polite when interacting with the locals while you get around on an upcoming trip. Try Drops Croatian to learn to say please (molim vas) and thank you (hvala) and other polite phrases all tourists should know.

What Does the Drops Croatian Course Include?

Ready to learn the basics of the Croatian language? With Drops, you have the opportunity to tap, swipe, and play your way to learning the more than 2500 words and phrases in Croatian in just 5-minutes a day as a part of a customized learning experience. 

At Drops, we collect useful, relevant word lists you won’t find anywhere else. It’s the part of learning with us we’re most proud of because it offers you a personalized and seamless Croatian learning experience. 

Hoping to talk about history or figuring out how to get around on your upcoming trip to Hrvatska (“Croatia”), Drops is here to support your Croatian learning. 

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