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Apr 3, 2020

Learn Estonian with Drops

What’s new in Drops? Estonian! The Drops team is excited to announce our latest language course and the language of our home base. 

Estonian, known as eesti keel in the language, is the official language of Estonia. It is spoken by about 1.1 million speakers. 

About the Estonian Language

Estonian is a Uralic language, falling into the Finnic branch. Its most closely related language is Finnish. Estonian is one of the official languages of Estonia and the European Union. Despite being from an unrelated language family, Estonian shares one-third of its vocabulary with German, so German-speakers or learners will recognize a lot of Estonian vocabulary.

If you’re interested in history, Estonian is a great language to learn. The first Estonian book ever published dates back to 1535. It’s also a great language for grammar lovers--Estonian has 14 cases, endless compounds (for example: minu sõbra poja töökaaslase koer -- "my friend’s son’s coworker’s dog"), and consonant length changes the meanings of words. 

Learn a new language with Drops

Discover the Power of Words in Estonian

Tere! That’s “hello” in Estonian. You’ve already taken your first step to learning the Estonian language--wasn’t that easy? “Hello” is just one of the many words you can learn with Drops. You can multiply that knowledge by the thousands using Drops, learning both relevant and practical vocabulary. We’ve worked with local translators and native speakers to ensure you get a high-quality Estonian language learning experience.

Learn Estonian with Drops

Planning a Trip to Estonia and Want to Learn a Few Phrases?

Not aiming for fluency in Estonian? Perhaps you’re aiming to simply be polite when interacting with the locals while you get around on an upcoming trip. Try Drops Estonian to learn to say please (palun) and thank you (aitäh) and other phrases of courtesy all tourists should know.

What Does the Drops Estonian Course Include?

If you’re interested learning the basics of the Estonian language, Drops offers you the chance to tap, swipe, and play your way to learning the more than 2500 words and phrases in Estonian in just 5-minutes a day as a part of a personalized learning experience. 

Our team strives to collect useful, highly-relevant word lists you won’t find anywhere else. In fact, it’s one of the features in the app we’re most proud of--it not only offers you a customized, but also seamless Estonian learning experience. 

So whether you’re hoping to talk about history or figuring out how to get around on your upcoming trip to Eesti (“Estonia”), Drops is here to support your learning. 

Learn a new language with Drops

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