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Jan 16, 2020

Learn Hebrew with Scripts

Hebrew, עִבְרִית‎, (Ivrit), is a language native to Israel. It is the native language of as many as 5 million people around the world. Hebrew fell out of use as a spoken language sometime between 200 and 400 CE, but efforts in the 19th century lead to its revival and it’s now a Modern language. If you’re interested in learning Hebrew, learning to read and write in the language is the perfect way to introduce yourself to the language and gain access to more resources in the language.

Scripts by Drops is thrilled to introduce the Hebrew alphabet as the latest addition to the alphabets and writing systems you can learn with the app. 

Learn the Hebrew alphabet

About Hebrew

Modern Hebrew is the official language in Israel and is the only Canaanite language still spoken. It is also only the only example of a successfully revived language. The United States has the second largest Hebrew speaking population outside of Israel. 

Near the end of the 19th century, activist Eliezer Ben-Yehuda lead an effort to revive Hebrew as a spoken language. Prior to this movement, many primarily spoken Jewish dialects of local languages such as Ladino (Judeo-Spanish), Yiddish, Judeo-Arabic, and Bukhori as well as other local languages. As a part of revival efforts, Hebrew was also modernized. This involved borrowings from other languages such as French, Russian, German and English, as well as coining new words. 

What Does the Scripts Hebrew Course Include?

If you’re interested in an introduction to Hebrew, Scripts offers you the chance to tap, swipe, and play your way to learning the Hebrew alphabet in just 5-minutes a day as a part of a personalized learning experience. 

Come Learn with Us

Ready to learn your first Hebrew letters? We’d like to invite you to try out Scripts. In just five minutes a day, you can start learning the Hebrew language. 

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