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Sep 27, 2018

Keeping it Fresh: A New Layout for Drops

We’ve cleaned up the construction dust and sent the bulldozers packing — it’s time for our next big unveiling.

Unveiling the new Drops app layout

Introducing Our New Category Layout

There are big plans in store at Drops, and so we’ve reorganized the layout of the app in preparation for what’s to come. Categories now have a new layout so our language topics are more neatly organized. This makes it easier and faster to browse our ever-expanding content and find the right words at any given moment.

The Drops homescreen

In short? Rather than having to scroll through more than 100 word lists, you can now easily access new study material as a part of broader categories. And by broad, we really mean broad — there’s even a category for sci-fi and fantasy words.

New Continue Learning Feature

Additionally, we’ve added a new “continue learning” section that now appears at the top of your screen. This means you can easily access and continue the last topic you practiced faster and more conveniently.

What This Means for Language Learners

With the new category layout and continuous learning features, using Drops is more streamlined than ever. Everyone from beginner to advanced users can now easily dive into specific topics they want to focus on and take their learning to the next level more directly. You can find word lists and new topics quickly with the new layout, and pick up where you left off the moment you open the app.

We’re committed to continuing to make language learning easy and fun, and these updates are a big step towards simplifying the language learning process while simultaneously making it more enjoyable.

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