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Dec 15, 2020

Namaste! Drops introduces Sanskrit for Yoga

We’re introducing something completely new to Drops! You can now learn Yoga Asanas in… Sanskrit! This language is a classical language spoken in South Asia. It still exists in several religious contexts, pop contexts, and is taught in schools. It is also used in yoga. 

About Sanskrit and Yoga

Sanskrit is the language originally used in yoga. And while you may learn pose names such as “downward dog”, you may also hear their equivalents in Sanskrit. It depends on the school you attend and how deeply you dive with the practice. But knowing the Sanskrit names of the poses you practice in yoga, helps you better understand the positions and their focus. 

Discover the Power of Words

Namaste or नमस्ते--that’s the greeting you can use for either Sanskrit or Hindi. And in learning this greeting, you have embarked on your journey to learning some of the Sanskrit language used in yoga. Wasn’t that fast? Are you ready to deep dive? Build your knowledge of the Sanskrit language and the names of asana poses by using Drops. Start learning the most common poses in just 5 minutes a day.

At Drops, our goal is to assemble the best content for you by working with experts to ensure you get a high-quality learning experience. That’s why we partnered with a team of specialists to curate your Sanskrit learning experience.

Getting Ready for a Yoga Retreat Online or In-Person? Want to Know Yoga Asanas in Sanskrit?

Drops includes Yoga asanas in Sanskrit for four different types of poses--ground poses, sitting poses, standing poses, and lying poses. Whatever your yoga focus at the moment, try Drops and learn to say all the basic asanas you should know.

What’s Included in the Sanskrit Course

In Sanskrit (Yoga Asanas), you can learn to read and write in Sanskrit as well as 100 yoga asanas. With Drops, you have the chance to tap, swipe, and play your way to learning these asanas and the Sanskrit alphabet in just 5 minutes a day as a part of a customized and curated learning experience.

Come Learn Sanskrit with Drops

Fired up to learn your first yoga asanas words? We’d like to invite you to try out Drops. With just five minutes a day, you can start learning the Sanskrit language.

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