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Mar 25, 2021

Test Your Knowledge of Japanese & Japanese Culture

Learning Japanese? Test your knowledge of the Japanese language basics and culture! 

Learn Basic Japanese

We put together a Kahoot! series for you to see what you know and learn the basics of the Japanese language. 

The Best Places to Travel in Japan

Thinking about going to Japan when travel opens back up? Learn about the must-see travel destinations in Japan with these two Kahoot! Quizzes.

Japanese Food You Must Try

We love food and Japan has countless delicious dishes you should absolutely try! Here are 12 Japanese foods we think are amazing.

Test Your Knowledge of Japanese Music

Are you a J-Pop fan? If not, you might be after exploring Japanese music with this Kahoot!

Learn More Words and Phrases in Japanese

Want to learn more words and greetings in Japanese? Try Drops!

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