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Jul 1, 2021

The 3 W’s and the 3 R’s: Tips from Memory Champion Yänjaa Wintersoul

What’s the best way to learn a language? 

Systems are a proven way to effectively learn a new language. And Memory Champion Yänjaa Wintersoul has two systems she’s found to be effective tools for her when taking on new languages–and she speaks 14 of them! 

Yanjaa Wintersoul

Recently, we teamed up with Yänjaa to share her tips for learning a new language as a part of this year’s 90 Days with Drops. 

She recently learned Brazilian Portuguese with us. Here was the result:

Want to learn a language like a memory champion? Here are the 3 W’s and 3 R’s of language learning from Yänjaa Wintersoul: 

The 3 W’s of Language Learning

When setting goals, one technique you can use is the 3 W’s. These are what, when, and where

This means, in order to build a language learning habit, you want to decide what you’re going to do, when you’re doing it and where you’re doing it. 

Here’s Yänjaa’s example from her learning with Drops:

What you’re doing: learning a language with 5 minutes of Drops

When you’re doing it: right after breakfast

Where you’re doing it: in the kitchen

Do you have your what, when, and where? If not, it's not too late to decide what these are for you!

The 3 R’s of Language Learning

Yänjaa also introduced the 3 R’s of goal setting during her 90 Days with Drops challenge. These are : revise, recommit, and remove

To revise, you think about what you’ve been doing and adjust based on how it’s working for you. Are you doing enough? Either increase or decrease the time you’re doing. 

To recommit, you think about which goals you have that you haven’t been prioritizing and recommit to them if they’re really something you want to pursue. 

To remove, you again think about which goals you aren’t prioritizing, and if they aren’t something that’s important to you or they’re something you’re not enjoying, you remove them.

So, think about your 3 R’s and your 3 W’s and write down your goals! As Yänjaa shared, you’re 45% more likely to achieve them.

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