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Jun 21, 2022

Unique Ice Cream Orders to Get While Traveling

If you’re learning a new language, you’re familiar with the tiring tongue twisters that come with it. As fun and easy as the language learning games in Drops can be, everyone deserves an ice cream break every once in a while.

Give yourself a little break and learn which ice cream to order where.

Spaghetti Eis in Germany

No spaghettis are harmed in the making of this ice cream. It’s actually just vanilla ice cream served in thin, curly pieces topped with strawberry sauce.

Poppy seed jégkrém in Hungary

Hungary loves poppy seed! You’ll find poppy seed brownies, pastries, and even ice cream for a texture and flavor refreshment.

Salmiakki iskrem in Norway

Black licorice ice cream isn’t for the weak. But then, neither is eating ice cream in Norway. If you like your sweets bitter, then salmiakki ice cream is made just for you.

Cheese aiskrim in The Philippines

So you love all things cheese, you say! Would you try salty, sweet cheese ice cream? A staple found across street vendors in The Phillipines, this queso ice cream is not lactose intolerant friendly.

Kama jäätis in Estonia

Kama is a finely milled mixture of roasted barley, rye, oat and pea flour used in Estonian cuisine. As far as ice cream flavors go, it sounds pretty healthy!

Chili ice cream in South Africa

Usually made with coconut cream and red hot chili peppers, (not the kind that sing) chili ice cream is a good flavor to try if you’re feeling particularly adventurous

There you have it: a mini list of unique ice cream flavors across the world. Stay cool during your 2022 summer travels through the power of ice cream. When in doubt, good ol' chocolate is always waiting with open arms.

Okay that’s your language learning break over! Go learn how to order ice cream and more in the Drops Restaurant topic.

Elissa Gonzalez is a Venezuelan American Writer currently based in Germany. She’s also lived in (and committed language faux pas in) Madrid, Paris, and Montpellier, and is happy to show you how Drops can help make you a travel genius this summer.

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