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Jul 6, 2023

Welcome to Your Brand New Home

The new Drops Units and home experience launched July 6, 2023 for all learners. If you have questions about this change, read on for answers!

One of the best things about Drops is the amount of content available. But if you have used our app before, maybe you found that with so many topics at your disposal, it can be difficult to make a choice. Introducing our new Home Screen, a new personalised experience to make your language learning journey more comfortable.

We designed the new Home Screen's features to make it easier for you to access meaningful actions and topics in Drops. Here are some of the features you can look forward to:

1. Continue Where You Left Off

The Home Screen will allow you to pick up exactly where you left off. Your last topic in progress and even your last active challenge will be featured right at the top of the screen where they are easy to find and access, allowing you to stay on track and motivated.

2. More Recommendations and Guidance

The Home Screen offers new and featured topics that you can explore, making it easier to find your next language learning challenge. As well as featured topics, you will also be able to see suggestions for your current skill level, and recommendations that align with your interests. So when you complete that topic, you can find a new one that suits your needs right there on the home page.

3. Review Tools

The Home Screen will also make it easier to locate all of Drops’ handy review tools, such as the Review Dojo, your Word Collection, even the latest addition, Quiz Mode. These features (and many more to come) are all designed to help you review your progress and consolidate what you've learned so you can apply it in real-life situations - all now conveniently available on the same screen.

4. Handy Quick Links

The Home Screen will also bring together quick links to help you discover more of the Drops universe. Explore new languages and challenges, learn about your milestone progress, check your streak status, or connect with other Drops learners, all from the same space.

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Izzy is a Product Manager at Drops. She loves horror films and cats, and comes from a multilingual background. Before joining Drops, she worked as a language teacher, translator, and project manager.

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