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Jan 7, 2021

Zoom Your Way to Holiday Fun in Lockdown

Finding new ways to connect with family is important this holiday season. Explore how to host a fun, seasonal virtual get together with friends and family this holiday season.

This year, many of us will be connecting to family digitally during the holidays because we’re not able to get together in-person as we have in the past. 

We’re all looking for fun online ways to share much needed holiday cheer with our loved ones this season. And with Kahoot! and Drops, you can create engaging online events to connect with family and friends wherever they may be. 

Coordinate Your Meeting Plans

Plan your get together’s details with Brainstorm, a new feature brought to you by Kahoot! 

You can create a Kahoot! to ask all the important questions like:

  • What you’ll wear to the meeting -- ugly Christmas sweaters? Santa hats? Matching pajamas?
  • What you’ll do on the call -- enjoy a cup of hot chocolate together? Eat a meal? Open presents?
  • Conversation starters -- do you want to play a game? Share photos?

After you set your questions, participants can submit as many as three ideas. They can then vote on the ideas they like most and you can select the winners. 

Learn a new language with Drops

Play Games with Kahoot!

With Kahoot!, you can build fun games and quizzes to play with your friends and family. Why not create a personal trivia game? 

For example:

  • Which cousin accidentally knocked their plate off the table three Christmas’s ago?
  • What is grandma’s nickname for Joey?
  • What phrase does Uncle Steve use all the time?
  • Who did Uncle Tod give a new golf club to last year?

Or you can create a Kahoot! family can use to share some of their favorite memories to:

  • What is your favorite type of Christmas cookie?
  • What gift are you hoping to get this year?
  • What is your favorite childhood holiday memory?
  • What is your favorite seasonal drink?
  • Ham or turkey?

Holiday fun with Kahoot and Drops

Learn a New Language Together

Have you always wanted to learn a new language? Maybe you have family who speak another language you’d like to connect with. Or you and your cousin John have both always wanted to learn a bit of Spanish. Or maybe still, you and your friends are always game for a bit of friendly competition.

If that’s the case, you can spend 5 minutes a day learning a new language in Drops leading up to the holidays and plan to chat about what you learned on the call. 

Drops is a language learning app and game a part of the Kahoot! family. With Drops, you can learn more than 2,500 words in 100+ topics and build a strong foundation in a new language. Swipe and tap your way to another language with beautiful illustrations, engaging interactions, and well-curated word lists. 

On your calls you can practice your new language together, compare stats, or even have a friendly competition, screen sharing Drops from your browser to see who answers the interactions the fastest. 

Plus, you put yourself on the path to learning a new language in the New Year. And if you want to take your language learning further, you can join us for #90DayswithDrops. It’s kicking off on January 1st!

Why not get started with this list of 25 Holiday Words in French, German, Hebrew, Czech, and English?

Learn a new language with Drops

Play Holiday Trivia

Create a Kahoot! With trivia questions about your favorite holiday movies, songs, or traditions.

Think you know all the lyrics to We Wish You a Merry Christmas? Or perhaps you’re the trivia champ for the movie A Christmas Story. You could also quiz each other on the rhymes in the classic story The Night Before Christmas

Here’s a Kahoot! testing you on the lyrics to Feliz Navidad from José Feliciano to help get you started.

Enjoy Some Virtual Fun This Holiday Season

Whether you’re jumping into games or warming yourself by the fire with a cup of hot cocoa as you catch up with loved ones, we hope you have a positive and enjoyable holiday season. 

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